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Danger: Mines – Land mines in Cambodia

10 Feb

On our way from one temple to another our Tuk-Tuk driver casually asks if we’d be interested to visit the Cambodian Land mine museum.  Seeing that we needed a break from temples anyhow we said yes.  Very nonchalantly we strolled into the museum taking pictures of the workers/volunteers cleaning and rearranging the land mine display in the courtyard.

I started reading all the descriptions under the pictures on the wall and sadness struck my core.  Asian history is rarely covered in our curriculum so all I knew about the Vietnam war was that America fought Vietnam because there were communists and they didn’t like it.  I didn’t even think about the fact that the Vietnam war had a large effect on Cambodia.  Together with the many civil and regional wars, Cambodia is in fact a war torn country.  Something I did not know.  Apart from different political groups in Cambodia raging war against each other, The US, Vietnam, Thailand and Japan all played a part in tearing Cambodia up.

It’s shattering to realize that around 35 people are killed a month, every month, due to the aftermath of all Cambodia’s wars.  I read on wikipedia that one out of every 275 people have lost a limb.  That is shocking.  In the museum I read that  there are well over 3 million undetonated land mines in Cambodia.  These mines are everywhere – in the countryside, in villages, in the jungles.  All Cambodian guidebooks actually warn you that you should be very careful whenever you travel off the beaten track.

Here is the website of the Cambodia Land Mine Museum



Too long!

26 Nov

This whole North-South nonsense has gone on for way too long.  Before coming to South Korea I never really paid any attention to either one of the Korea’s.  I knew the UN secretary General came from South Korea and also LG, Samsung and Hyundai.  And that’s about it!  Now that I am here I must say that I have learned a lot about both these countries and how much of an impact they have on the international community.  The two richest (maybe strongest) countries in the world are battling it out by exploiting the North-South tensions!  China backs the North and the US the South.  North Korea easily and often claim that South Korea is the US’s puppet and they often forget that China is their puppet master.  Yes North Korea is dangerous and poses a threat to international security, but jeepers this has gone on for way too long.

It is kind of a sticky situation that we currently find ourselves in.  North Korea attacked South Korea and although they deny that they initiated the attack according to them and their ‘borders’,  South Korea did enter their maritime space.  I think the solution is to give all the water that surround both Koreas to the UN!  Now the US is sending a ship and they are going to have a circus right by the North Korean border and possibly aggregate crazy Kim Jong Il and his delinquent of a son even further.  So I don’t know!  I really do hope that everything will just kind of fade away!  I have too much to look forward to and I will not let stupid Kim Jong Il ruin my fun!

North and South should just settle their issues like two Korean middle-schoolers- Kai Bai Bo!  That is Rock Paper Scissors.  Although thoroughly annoying to a teacher this little wonder can solve any Korean obstacle.  And the speed at which they conduct their games is absolutely mind boggling.  These Koreans are professionals when it comes to the are of Rock-paper-scissoring.  So Lee Myung Bak and Kim Jong Il call each other on Skype and settle it once and for all.  Sudden death!  Seriously!


Cheers from Kimchiland!

Love letter/International night

24 Nov
Colonel Sanders is the official face of KFC, a...

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Living in South Korea.  It’s got an exotic ring to it, right.  And to a certain extent it is kind of exotic to live in this country. Although not in the conventional way exotic.  Getting acclimated was probably my biggest challenge this year.  Getting used to all the strangeness that constantly surrounded me.  And yes it is still challenging when I am faced with cultural ‘differences’.   But for the most part South Korea has been an exotic experience.  Apart from the fact that Kimchi is national treasure number one there are so many things in this country that I cherish.  Because we ourselves are a bit exotic to the everyday Korean friendliness is not always flung our ways.  But boy oh boy when a friendly face greets you in the morning on the way to work, or the Ajuma working at the 7/eleven pats you on the back and gives you and extra chocolate it sure makes your day.  Or when the owner of a restaurant gives you some free dessert or racecakes because it is his daughter’s 100th day on earth.  When the owner of the local W1000 store stirs up a conversation and you have no idea what is being said.  Or when the college educated taxi driver tells you that you look like the kernel from KFC.  There are moment where Korea can make you feel so special.  When you go out for dinner and everybody in restaurant glares at you but the owners praise you and blurts out the only 3 words of English they know for your convenience.

The relationship I have with Korea is no different from any other relationship.  There was a lot of fighting.  Many make up sessions.  fun times and sad times.  Throughout my blog I have realised there are many posts that may paint a picture that I hate this country and the people.  This is not true.  The purpose of this blog is not to be published in one or other literary magazine or to serve as guide for foreigners living in or wanting to live in South Korea.  I wrote my blog with true honesty.  It is what it is!  I think my brutal honesty comes from the lack of ‘real’ blogs about Korea.  Most (if not all) teachers in Korea struggle with most of the same things.  But not too many write about it.  I do.  As I experience Korea I write it down, because one day when I am old and weary I can read my blog and look back on this experience and experience my true emotions.  I am not trying to paint a bad picture nor am I trying to make Korea seem as a Utopia! Korea, I don’t hate you or your people.  I don’t alway love you or you people.  But we make it work.  If i didn’t I would be here.



There are not too many English-speaking people here in Daegu.  Of our group of teachers who were placed in Daegu only 5 are South African.  One left in May so that leaves 4.  Although we do see the other two every now and again our immediate friends here in Daegu are all from Canada and America.  So even though this year has been the ultimate Korean experience I am very glad that I had the opportunity to make so many friends from other countries as well.  The friendships we formed here grew very intense very quickly.  We needed each other, not only for communicating but also someone who can relate to our ‘side of life’.   We spend most of our free time together and experience life outside of our schools together.  It’s great.  We make memories that will last us a lifetime.  This past weekend I held an International Night where each of our friends had to bring a dish from their ‘heritage’.  It was great.  I brought boerewors and Nicola biltong crackers.   we had American, Cuban, Italian and Korean.  It was great.  We compared cultures and we ended the night in true Korean style by going Noreabanging (Karaoke).

It’s great to meet people from all over the world.  And to realise that we are all the same.  Whether we are from Africa, the US or Korea – we are all the same.

Korea it’s a love-hate relationship, but at least there is a balance!

Cheers from Kimchiland.