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The world at my fingertips!

26 Nov

I love travelling.   If I could I would become a traveller, by profession.  It’s times like these that I wished I lived in Thomas Cook’s days.  Just sail around all day looking for new and undiscovered places.  That would be great.  But seriously if I could I would want to do something that involves travelling constantly.  Maybe I’ll harass the travel channel until they give me a job!

Coming to Korea was partly because I want to travel and what better way to do it while teaching?!  And sure enough I have done some travelling this year that made me very happy.  With our time here in Korea running out we had to make the most of our opportunity to explore Asia a little further.  When we started thinking about where to go during our holiday and after our contracts it was a complete mind frying experience.  We literally had the world at our finger tips.  we could go anywhere.  Never before have I had the luxury to go literally anywhere!  It was great.  It was like being blindfolded and pointing at a map and just go there where you pointed.  So exciting!  A million destinations and adventures entered our minds and it was magical.  In the end we decided on Malaysia, Cambodia, Singapore and Bali.

Last night we booked the last flights and it is wonderful to just go online and be like “Let’s book tickets to Bali”.  So thank you Korea for allowing me to have my fingertips where they are.  But then again I sure as hell have  worked hard t deserve it!  In moments like these life can’t get any better!


Cheers from Kimchiland!


Korea, oh Korea!

11 Nov

This is just another one of those weeks.  Where everything is just too much!  And it’s times like these that Korea work on my nerves more than ever.  The kids running wild in the teachers office seem to give me instant hard-burn as opposed to just hot flushes!  Students completely and utterly ignoring and disrespecting their teacher makes me want to drown my sorrows.  And lastly patriotic ignorance makes me want to hurt someone, hurt someone real bad!

This week I am doing a travel and tourism lesson with my second graders.  I start the lesson off by showing them a five minute tourism promotional video from South Africa highlighting all the major tourist destinations and activities.  The students have to write down everything that they see.  After the video I discuss all the relevant terms with them so that they have a clear understanding of travel and tourism.  But then the bomb drops.  The creme de la cream of blatant ignorance reveals itself.  I ask the students to list the top 10 tourist destinations in Korea.  I mean how hard can it be.  80% of all the students list Kimchi as the number 1 tourist destination.  Are you kidding me.  How stupid can you be??!!  I don’t think I have ever been as close to a nervous breakdown as this week!  First of all who lists food as a destination and secondly Kimchi will make more people (tourists) leave Korea!  Their patriotic nationalist ignorance has reached a new level!

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