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The final season!

28 Oct

I started Korea off in the last stretches of winter.  I can remember my first glimpse of Korea I saw snow everywhere.  Leaving a nice hot summer behind I knew that me freezing my ass off is only minutes away!  But the two months of winter we had wasn’t that bad, and we had a great snowfall in March!  Spring came and it lasted a full two weeks!  Summer started, bringing with it endless suffering!  I really struggled through this summer!  It was extremely hot and humid.  I never wanted to go anywhere because I feared I might just melt!  I had a little hand fan that I took absolutely everywhere with me.  Even as I taught I fanned myself.  The fan also came in handy for hitting naughty kids on the head.  All the classrooms in my school has air conditioners and roof fans.  Now the roof fans are pretty useless as they just blow around the hot and humid air.  But the AC’s were rarely switched on.  In fact only for two months and only after lunch.   So during the pre-AC times all the teachers and students would close all the windows and the doors of the classrooms as if to prevent the heat from coming in.  Makes sense yes, but they forgot about the 40 hyperactive kids that will be radiating heat in the class!!! Teaching during the summer months in Korea was hard and damn hot!

Fall came and for the first time in months I could breathe.  The humidity went away.  The weather was really pleasant.   I was happy!  And then the three weeks of fall was over.  On Monday winter crept up on us like a serial killer in a horror movie.  I must admit I was wishing for winter all through summer but it caught me a little off guard.  This whole week I climbed straight into bed when I got home from work!  I do realize that this was just a sudden cold front that moved over the peninsula and that it is warming up again but still it is freezing.  Now the strange thing is the Koreans open up all the windows of the school!  heaven knows why!!!!!  As soon as I get to class all the windows are opened.  When I get back to the office all the windows are open.  I’m like people seriously it’s below 10 degrees – CLOSE THE DAMN WINDOWS!!!!  My desk is right by the office door and because this is Korea kids roam freely in the teacher’s office.  And kids are stupid so they do not realize that a door that was closed should be closed again after opening it.  What am I saying, not just the kids, EVERYBODY at my school is not used to this.  So I had my co-teacher print out a paper that said close the door please in Korean and I stuck it to the door.  But obviously I work in a school where reading was never taught!!!  So as I am typing this the office door is open, all the windows are open and I am freezing!  oh well!!!

With this sudden winter weather comes winter illnesses.  And everyone at my school is couching so much it feels like I am in a quarantine zone for the SARS virus in one or other horror movie.  Now when they are sick they usually where these little masks.  But they don’t wear them while they are getting sick.  I state this because Koreans never learned to cover their mouths when they cough (just like they never learned to chew with their mouths closed etc etc etc etc)  and thus spreading their contagious germs all over the show!!!  I have breathed in so much cough breathe this past week it’s not even funny!  Korean logic never seizes to amaze me!!!

So as winter is manifesting itself here in Kimchiland I am happy that this is the last season.  The final change I would have to go thruogh in my year in Korea.  I had winter, spring, summer, fall and now back at winter again.  It’s gonna be a cold one – bring it!!!


Cheers from Kimchiland!