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Hallo Halloween!!!

28 Oct

I have always ben a sucker for this holiday!  Well not always, but as a kid watching American movies I always had a fascination with it.  I wanted to be part of this holiday!  So to make up for the lack of ‘trick or treating’ I love going to Halloween parties.  Last year Nicola and I were Zombie brides:

and the year before that I was also something dead!!!  It is so much fun!

So obviously with Halloween approaching I had no choice but to incorporate it into my lessons.  Because my second graders have speaking tests this week I did their Halloween lesson last week.  With my first graders I did the Halloween Bomb game that I made (on my lesson Page).  With my afterschool class I have been doing Halloween the whole month of October.  We covered absolutely everything!  It was great!!!!  So this week was the last time I saw them before Halloween so I arranged a Halloween party for them.  I went to Homeplus and bought two pumpkin candy buckets for dirt cheap.  I asked them to bring lots of candy with them to class that day and they did.  I wanted to make each of them a candy apple but my little supermarket down my street only had like 10 apples.  So I decided to only make seven and give them to the winning team.  We played a super fun game where they had different tasks to complete.  The team that lost was really not happy so I decided to make it fair Korean style I would have to let them settle it with a round of Kai Bai Bo (Rock Paper Scissors).  The winning team was super excited about their apples.  The losing team was heartbroken.  One girl started to cry.  I could not tell if it was real or not because Korean females are VERY melodramatic in general!!!  After the game I made them go trick or treating.  In pairs they knocked on the classroom door and as I opened I taught them to say ‘trick or treat’.  They had so much fun and so did I.  It was a first I think to all of us.

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Happy Halloween from kimchiland!!!