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They are out to get me

2 Nov

We are pretty much half way through the second semester and just as I thought that kids are not all from hell they proved me wrong.  Yesterday was one of those days.  The kids just got on my nerves and unfortunately my nerve ran out!  Now I must admit that things have been going much better here at the juvy.  The second graders are nothing compared to the horridness that are 16 year old’s.  But the year is getting long and somewhere along the way the kids are losing their manners!  I think in general Korean teenagers don’t learn any manners.  Yes they bow to older people and their language is respectful – but that is it!  Their actions say something completely different!
So yesterday i tried to teach a class on numbers because many (most) of my students cannot count to ten.  unbelievable right?  I know it’s kind of a boring lesson but I did try to spice things up a bit but the kids were horrible.  They kept on talking, standing up, walking around whilst the korean teacher is doing absolutely nothing.  I tried everything but they did not listen!  So about ten minutes before the end of class I just couldn’t do it anymore.  These kids were blatantly ignoring me and my co-techer just stood there as if she was part of the decorations!  I threw the white board marker in the direction of the kids and said “i’m done!”  I took my folder and left.  I just couldn’t.  I took a walk outside because I was shivering with rage.  Yes, I get teenagers and I get that they are ‘tough’ to work with.  BUT we are two adults with them, one of which speaks korean!  Why is it such an impossible task to discipline these mongrels.  If I don’t get a heart attack before the end of this year then nothing can kill me!
This morning my co-teacher came to me and asked me how I felt!  I said I’m fine and she apologised for the student’s behaviour.  I don’t want damn apologies I want them to effin listen!

Just another day here in Kimchiland!

This past weekend was Halloween and we went to a Halloween party here in Daegu and it was awesome!  I love Halloween and I really had fun going out in costume and even randomly scaring a couple walking down the street!

Cheers from Kimchiland!