Shanghai days and Shanghai night(mares)!

16 Feb
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So the Chinese celebrate their own new year.  It’s based on the lunar calendar.  Korea also celebrates this Lunar new year, and that meant that I had three days off just after my winter vacation.  Now being so close to China I thought it would be excellent to ring in the Chinese new year in China.  I booked my ticket and went through the motions to secure a Chinese visa for the second time.  Since I already went to Beijing in September, Shanghai was next on my list.  I got my ticket for super cheap, half the price of my ticket to Beijing and the flight from Korea to Shanghai was very empty.  I had all 6 Emergence exit seats all to myself!  I arrived in Shanghai and everywhere I looked there were people.  Millions and millions of people.  But it’s to be expected of the most populous city in the most populous country in the world!  I navigated my way on the super over crowded subways to my hostel, and as I got off at East Nanjing road station I can remember my first glimpse at the Pearl tower.  I was super excited to be in this world city.  I quickly dropped by bag at the hostel and started exploring.  I walked the entire length of the Bund, went on a very boring and money wasting sightseeing tunnel ride to the other side of the river.  I explored Pudong and took in the marvel of all the skyscrapers.  As it started to get dark I made my way back to the bund and took in the famous Shanghai illuminated skyline.  But even though it was new years eve the place was very deserted.  Where are the people?  Where are the tourists?  I went back to the hostel to try and find out if there will be any celebrations or parades for the new.  Apparently not.  Families get together and shoot fireworks, but it’s all done at home.  So coming to Shanghai for Chinese new year was not going to be what I imagined it to be.  At around 11:45 pm I strolled back to the bund and waited for the new year to announce itself.  There were fireworks everywhere and more people arrived.  But midnight came and went without a spectacular fireworks display.  Yes there were many fireworks but more random than anything else.  That was also my cue to head indoors as the crazy fireworks being lit up in the streets was a definite safety hazard.

The next day all of China embarked on the main sights of Shanghai and being squashed was basically the theme for the remainder of my time in Shanghai.  Being Chinese new year many establishments were closed thus making things a lot less interesting.  An itinerary that was supposed to keep me busy for two days could not even keep me occupied for one whole day.  I’ve seen all major Shanghai sights in my first day and a half and I had two more days to kill.  That;s when I realised that Shanghai over Chinese new year and 4 days there was not the best decision.  But I tried to make the most of it and got really creative with my sightseeing.  In the end the crowds triumphed over me and I decided to just get coffee and read my book for a whole afternoon! The rest of my time in Shanghai was very low-key.



Shanghai did not leave a great impression on me but I don;t think it’s the city, it’s just the timing of my visit.  Although I must admit that the Shanghainese are some of the rudest people I have ever come across.  This is in complete contrast with the folks from Beijing!  I also found that the Shanghainese to be somewhat on the gross side.  Spitting and puking more than average, kids urinating ON the sidewalks and so on! They are also very short!  I read that in the guidebook that the Shanghainese are very short, but they are all really tiny!  It got super angry when a very short guy, probably 19 or so, tried to pick pocket me.  Now I am very street smart when I travel and know where to carry what.  But on a quiet street on my way back to my hostel I decided to put my ipod in.  Waiting at a crossing with about for other people I suddenly felt a hand reach into my coat’s pocket.  I casually look to my side and saw that this little Shanghai midget is trying to grab my ipod.  Not only did I feel his hand in my pocket but also the bloody thing is connected to my ears.  I grab his arm and shove him very hard backwards.  I shout at him and curse him only to be looked at as if I am the jerk!  What an idiot.  If someone is twice your size in width and in height do not attempt to pick pocket him and fail.  You will come second my friend!  So when I think of Shanghai I think of that idiot!!!


All in all I would not want to go back to Shanghai!

Cheers from Kimchiland!


2 Responses to “Shanghai days and Shanghai night(mares)!”

  1. Regina February 16, 2011 at 12:26 #

    Next time, come visit me in BJ then we’ll go to Shanghai together! I promise it will be more fun! I’ll stomp out any midgets!

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