A Kimchi Christmas!

31 Dec

It’s supposed to be the best day of the year.  A day where friends and family get together and have a great time together.  As an expat, I dreaded this day.  I love Christmas and celebrate it with more enthusiasm than some of Santa’s elves.  But being far away from home and not able to enjoy this festive time with my family placed a great damper on my mood.  There was only one way out of this sticky situation and that was to embrace the festive season like never before.  Even though most asian countries don’t celebrate Christmas, Korea has more than enough Christians to make this day a public holiday.  The consumerist train didn’t waste anytime as Christmas means only one thing in Korea and that is money.  And money I did spend!

Daegu was decorated beautifully this holiday season and it was so festive to be in this Christmas surroundings.  Almost all the stores all over the city had Christmas trees and played Christmas music and had Christmas special offers.  People bought Christmas decorations and everywhere you went Christmas was in the air.  that was truly great.  Even though I sometimes had to remind myself that it is almost Christmas due to the weather.  I am not used to a cold Christmas.  This was the first time in my life that I experienced a winter Christmas and even though it is nice and cozy I prefer the summer version!

Even though Koreans celebrate Christmas it is done very differently that what I am used to.  If you are christian you will go to church on Christmas morning.  Christmas is mostly celebrated on a commercial level as a romantic holiday here in Korea, a sort of second  (or third) valentines day if u will.  Couples go out and get something good to eat and then exchange gifts.  Kind of misses the point, but who’s judging.  Christmas to us is a day of family, of thanksgiving and a day to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

Even though the Christmas experience was different here, Korea was still very festive during this Christmas season and I think December was my favourite month here in Kimchiland!  It was great.  It was a little bit annoying to work on Christmas eve but that did not spoil my fun.  After work Nicola and I went downtown and took in the Christmas spirit.  People were very festive and it was great.  We had a delicious dinner and went all out!  After dinner we walked around and took some more pictures.  We went home eventually because it was freezing.  At home we finally opened up our gifts and had some delicious Dunkin Donuts Christmas cake.  It was great!  On Christmas day we had a fabulous dinner with our closest friends here in Daegu and as per Christmas tradition, completely overindulged!

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All in all my Korean Christmas was great, not ideal, but great!


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