Still . . . ?

22 Dec


Apparently I am amusing.  I really do not try to be funny, but yet you can not help but to laugh at me.  I would love to take this as a compliment, something to be known for, ah he’s the funny guy, oh he always makes us laugh.  You see the thing is I want to laugh with you, and not just you at me.   One of my colleagues, who sits across from me in the office, greets me every morning with some laughter.  I still don’t understand it.  This particular colleague is also very noisy, in that he talks to himself, cleans his teeth permanently with his spit (loudly), he breathes like a rhino and coughs and sneezes without covering his mouth.  I am forced to sit with my earphones on when I am in the office because if I have to listen to his sounds all day long I will lose my mind!  Don’t get me wrong, I do not despise his, in fact I am very fond of hims as he has shown real interest in me.  We have gone for coffee a few times and although his English is more limited than most he makes an effort.  And I appreciate it!  But the sounds, it’s just too much for to handle.  And the laughter.  Everyday when I take my sandwich out from my bag, he get’s a laughing fit.  EVERYDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Yes I can understand that it must seem weird for him that someone can eat a sandwich everyday, but not so much where I come from.  He will look at me and then the sandwich and the burst out in laughter, followed by “sanduhwichee”.  this is very strange behaviour.  I have gotten used to this and accept it as part of my daily routine, but it boggles my mind.  The laughter isn’t limited to only my lunch.  Nope my face is also very funny.  I have a funny face.  Yes I am bery punny! Now that it is winter and mostly below 0 in the mornings when I have to walk to school ma face is usually red and my clothing might suggest that I am an arctic explorer.  I do what I have to prevent frostbite.  Anyway as soon as I open the office door and I approach my desk I hear it.  The laughter.  the “ha ha ha”  .  I understand my face is red and that I have like 6 layers of clothing on but if you have seen me like this for 67 times it’s not funny anymore.  the same in the summer, when I got to school in the mornings I was panting, sweating like a pig and waving my trusty fan all over the place.  No that image might provoke some laughter, but still, after the 100th time.  I am very funny.  My being solely exist to amuse my dear colleague.  Please stop laughing, it’s just not that funny!



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