Ode to a douchebag

15 Dec

you stand  by the door

staring at the moving  floor

entrapped by the cacophony

you desperately clutch your ears in search of euphony

racing deeper underground

you notice a foreign sound

With the glare of an eye

you break loose of your shy

the aortic pump enthrall with rage

as you approach the alien phage

to hinder these incongruous entities

you are bound to make a few enemies

to them you loomed from above

you  grant your biased shove

your lofty manner preceded

your superior tone which was unimpeded

in the blink of an eye

I looked up to the sky

faced with your stare

I will not be scare

retract to your hole

you are all but a mole

blind to your ignorance

and your humane incompetence


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