So we did the Amazing Race!

13 Dec

That’s right, this past Saturday I took part in an Amazing Race to raise money for an orphanage.  It truly was an amazing experience.  The race took place here in Daegu and we had to figure out clues about the different spots we should visit during the race.  17 teams of 4 participated.  My team had 5 people though.  We were dressed like Santa street workers and were named team Festive.  So here is what went down at the Amazing Race – Daegu Edition.

We all met up downtown at Daegu Station, the two organizers explained everything to us as we practised kicking a happy sack 7 times to each other.  At 1pm the whistle blew and we received our instructions.  The first task, the happy sack challenge, was soon made easier to only 5 times and once completed we were off.  The first thing we did was trying to figure out all the clues for our challenges.  We soon realized that we would have to break up the race in two parts.  We decided to first complete the tasks on the west side of downtown and then venture to the east side.  The tasks that were situated in downtown we left for last as the finish line was a bar downtown (perfect way to end a race).

Here are the Clues we received: (In brackets the order and number on the map we completed the tasks)



– Missions can be completed in any order.

-You must take a photograph or video of your entire team at each location.


1. Holy-Roller Mision: This has been a place of worship in Daegu since 1886.

2. Park Ji-Sung Mission: On June 6th, 2002 the Red Devils faced off against Uncle Sam’s Army at this location.

3. Ajumma Mecca Mission: This is the largest market in Daegu.

4. Food Mission: Find and eat either 순 대  (Soon Dae) or 동 집 (Dong Jeep).  Racist clause: You can not have a Korean member of your team eat this food.

5. Dancing mission: Record a choreographed dance at one of the following locations: Dong Daegu train station, the stage downtown near the McDonald’s an d Daebeq Department Store, or in a crowded subway car.

6. Viking Mission: Go to Soosung lake and ride the most unsafe amusement park ride you can find.  (Hint: it looks like a viking ship).  Take a video of your team doing this.

7. Speed game: Your team will receive a sealed letter at the beginning of the Amazing Race.  You must find a random Korean person to read this to you. The letter has a secret word written on it.  The Korean person will give you clues and you must guess what they are talking about within a minute.

8. If you live in daegu you might have been to this park at least once or perhaps did a sky jump close by.  Find an attractive Ajumma wearing a visor and get a picture with her.

9. Find Daegu’s premier skater boy doing tricks at his hang out downtown.

10. Do your best Abbey Road recreation.


We knew where almost all the places were except we weren’t too sure of number 1 and 2.  We decided to go to the furthest location west of Downtown and then work our way back.

Here is a map of Daegu and the order in which we the did the tasks.

1. We were off.  Racing down the stairs towards the Daegu station subway looking like a bunch of enraged lunatics.  The adrenalin was pumping and we were all very excited.  We jumped on the subway and headed for Duryu park.  We were on subway line 1 and needed to change to line 2.


Go team Festive Go!

2. At Duryu station we raced up the stairs and ran towards the park.  We were a bit confused by the clue that read “find an attractive ajumma wearing a visor” .  We were not sure if should just find a random one or if a specific one would be waiting for us at a certain location.  Duryu park is huge and it would take us forever to cover the whole park.  We chose to take a picture of a random Ajumma.  But finding one was the hard part.  We spent half an hour in the park scouting.  We were rejected 3 times.  They’re just not that willing to take a picture with a bunch of foreigners that look like Santa street cleaners.  We were about to stage the picture when a very willing and friendly Ajumma came waddling along.  We got the picture and raced back to the subway.  Along the way we passed our friends who were in another team!


A willing Ajumma

3. In the subway Nicola realized that she lost her transport card so she quickly bought a new one.  We raced down to the tracks and just missed the train.  Bummer!  So we had a few minutes before the next train would arrive so we worked out a little dance routine.  We got our moves worked out and when the train came we did not waste any time.  We got on, placed the Ipod and speaker on the floor, gave the camera to a random dude and we danced.  Some people looked utterly confused by what we were doing and others just plain annoyed.  But most of the people enjoyed it and took out their cellphones and took pictures of us.  At the end of the dance we got a well deserved round of applause from spectators.  And one lady even called for an encore.

4,5,6.  We arrived at Seomun Market and raced up the stairs.  By this time I was panting like a dog and sweating like a mine worker.  And we weren’t even half way through yet.  The way towards Seomun market was super crowded and it truly is an Ajumma Mecca.  Not the place you would want to go to during a race.  So we got to the main market area and quickly took a picture.  We found these three young girls and ask them where we could find the food that we were supposed to eat.  Obviously their lack of English and our lack of Korean caused great confusion so they just decided to take us to the food stand in the market.  Once there we decided that they seemed nice enough and willing to help us.  So we gave them the speed game letter.  They read the instructions in Korean and we started the guessing game.  We did it in 4 minutes but  the language barrier should be taken into consideration.  Most of the times we said the word but they did not hear it so we continued to guess.  But is was great fun!  After this we decided to do the food challenge.  We discovered that the one dish is pigs blood intestine.  Disgusting!  I am so glad only one of us had to do this challenge and well done to Shana because I could not have stomached it!  She took a few bites and we were off back to the subway.  All the challenges on the West side of Daegu were completed.


Seomun Market!

Mmmm . . .Yummy!

7,8. We got on the Subway and we were headed to the World Cup Stadium.  The Stadium is on the outskirts of Daegu and one of the last stops on the subway line.  so we had time to catch our breaths.   When we finally got to the subway stop for the stadium we found a deserted crossing a did our bestest Abbey Road impression.  After that we raced to find a cab and speed towards the Stadium.  Once there the cab driver was very nice to take a picture of us and drive us back to the subway.

9. This was our biggest mistake during the day.  We did not realize that Soosung lake was so close to the World Cup Stadium, and if we took a cab from the Stadium to the lake it would have saved us a lot of time.  But instead we traveled with the subway back to Bomeo station and from there took another cab to the lake.  This killed us!  Once we got to Soosung land/lake we discovered that the Viking ride was closed.  there was another team there and they said they have been waiting for a while but nothing.  So we reread the clue and it was pretty obvious that we had to do the viking ride, but what can you do.  So we went on another ride.  This ride was horrible as it shakes you around and you are not strapped in.  Shana actually fell.  Then it starts spinning.  It was horrible!!!!!  So after the ride and complaining about the injuries we gained from the it we were off again.  We got into a cab and we  headed downtown.

10. We discovered (with the help of Nicola’s Korean friend) that the Holy-roller task was a catholic church.  the cab driver immediately knew where we wanted to go and even though we asked him to go very fast the roads were so congested.  It’s really not a nice feeling to be in a race. anxious and stuck in traffic.  we finally got to the catholic church took a picture and were off again.

11. I saw a many familiar buildings on our way to the church and i knew were close to downtown.  We had no idea where the last challenge was but I had a feeling.  The task was the skater boy one and I thought it was at the park opposite the Novotel.  So we just started running in that direction from the cathedral.  It was a long run.  Nicola’s friend came through again and just as we got to the park she told us that the park we are looking for is just a bit further down.  We finally got to the skater took a picture and where off again.  We were done!  All the challenges completed.

We knew we did not win, but we still wanted to finish with a bang!  So we ran to the finish line.  We came 6th, which is fine by me!  It was great!  And to top things off we won the best dance video.  That’s right, our little number on the subways was a winner!

It was the most fun I’ve had in Daegu in all my 10 months here!  Our fiends who won the race are also so from our neck of the woods so all in all the Ghetto dwellers took almost 50% of the prizes!  Not bad!


Well done Team festive and thanks for an amazing race!!!!!!!


Cheers from Kimchiland!




2 Responses to “So we did the Amazing Race!”

  1. GRRRL TRAVELER December 13, 2010 at 13:25 #

    thanks for posting this! I was tempted to sign up but I know very little about Daegu (I hardly spend time here on the wkends!) Looked like a lot of fun so I’m glad I could live vicariously thru the vids.

    • christodewit December 15, 2010 at 08:38 #

      You should have come it was a lot of fun! And there where people who came from Busan to do this who had never been to Daegu before, so you would’ve done fine! Now If only I can go on the real Amazing Race!

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