Sounds of Korea

10 Dec

Korea – the land of the morning calm, where nothing can disturb this tranquility! …(crickets)…… uh yeah right.  As with any developed country, Korea is noisy.  No longer is this Asian a destination for calm and soothing vibes.  Nope Korea’s many bustling city’s and it’s neverending desire to develop and prosper chucked the morning calm.  Korea is very noisy.  The population density is very high so you can imagine.   Now these noises are fine, and being a city person myself the noise is not that bad!  But there are other noises that drive me insane.  seriously so much that I want to kill myself!

Chewing sounds.  Koreans chew with their mouths open.  I am yet to come across a Korean that eats with his/her mouth closed.  And they chew very loudly.  It’s quite disturbing.  In fact it nauseates me!  I literally want to puke.  I can not even count how many times we have left a restaurant because of this.  There is no way in heel I would ever be able to get used to this.  And don’t get me started on gum in the subway.  You would think that the loud subway noises and the announcements would drown out the chew sound, well guess again.  Koreans love rice cakes and these little delicacies are chewy as hell.  Combine that with the inability to silently and opening your mouth so wide I can see your tonsils and you will begin to understand my irritation level!  It’s bad!

Another sound that pollutes Korea is that of the cough!  Yes Koreans (men mostly) are chain smokers and they have a lot of phlegm.  It’s gross.  They spit everywhere.  The men.  The woman.  The children.  They all do it!  and apart from the fact that every single street in Korea looks like a spit factory it’s the sound that is the worse.  That sound that makes you realise that somewhere, someone is busy getting rid of a weeks worth of slime and guts.  It’s utterly gross and makes me cover my ears!

The other sound has also got to do with snot and its gross.  Koreans love to sniff.  The suck their noses dry and it just makes me want to puke on the snot sucker!

These sounds are enough to send me to a mental institution and have never in my life ben so thankful for my ipod.  If anyone ever asked me what is the most essential thing to bring to Kimchiland, I would say that it is your Ipod!  Because without covering your ears and blasting dangerously high decibels into your ears, there is no way that you would survive the sounds of Korea.

Cheers from (sniiiiifffff) Kimchiland!


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