Mentally handicapped!

2 Dec

In Korean schools there are mentally handicapped students mixed in with the regular students.  I wrote about this a few months ago.  I still can’t understand why these students go to a regular school as they clearly have special needs.  I have been strugling with a student grabbing my face and pulling my beard.  The first time it happened I shoved the student’s arm away quite forcefully.  When I got to teach that student this semester and realized that he is mentally handicapped.  I am not sure what is wrong with him and apparently it’s hard to translate his ‘illness’ from Korean.  To me, but I am no expert, he seems autistic. Now I have absolutely no experience with ‘Special Needs’ kids.  In fact before I came to Korea I had absolutely no experience with kids whatsoever.  The thing is I do not know how to respond and react to these special needs kids.  The act out in class, start jumping up and down or would randomly just start screaming.  There is no way for me to control them and as I have stated before my co-teacher is practically non existent.  So now I ask you what do I do!  These kids do not speak or understand a word of English and I am not trained to handle them.  Hell I am not even trained to be a teacher.  Special needs kids need people who are trained to work with them.  I am not.  This one kid in second grade (middle School)  keeps on running up to me and pulls my beard.  It is no longer an isolated incident and I do not know what to do about it.  I have talked with two of my co-teachers about it and they just did nothing.  So whenever he sees me he runs up to me and pulls my face.  If I see him first I grab his arm but as soon as I let go he goes for the face again.   This is starting to get me down.  I feel helpless because I cannot do anything to stop him.  First of all I don’t like it when the students touch me because I think it is inappropriate .  Second of all when ever he grabs my beard he hurts me and thirdly he is dirty.  I know kids aren’t spokesperson’s personal hygiene or anything but this kid in particular is just always dirty.  So that annoys me even more when he touches my face.  But most of all is that nothing is being done to bring this under control.  Two days go I sat at my desk in the office when all of a sudden I just see this sudden movement from behind and then i feel my beard being pulled.  obviously I reacted with a very loud NO!  And all 80 eyes in the office were on me.  I pointed my finger at the kid and said no to him like 5 times.  No one did anything.  After a while my co-teacher sitting next to tells me that I must understand that he is mentally challenged and that there is nothing that we can do about it.  Seriously.  Are you fucking kidding me!  Anyhow I told her again that I think it is inappropriate for the student to touch me and someone has to talk to him about it.  They did not!  So today once again in the office in front of everybody the kid comes up to and grabs my face.  In front of everybody.  With absolutely no help from anybody.  Nothing!


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