Too long!

26 Nov

This whole North-South nonsense has gone on for way too long.  Before coming to South Korea I never really paid any attention to either one of the Korea’s.  I knew the UN secretary General came from South Korea and also LG, Samsung and Hyundai.  And that’s about it!  Now that I am here I must say that I have learned a lot about both these countries and how much of an impact they have on the international community.  The two richest (maybe strongest) countries in the world are battling it out by exploiting the North-South tensions!  China backs the North and the US the South.  North Korea easily and often claim that South Korea is the US’s puppet and they often forget that China is their puppet master.  Yes North Korea is dangerous and poses a threat to international security, but jeepers this has gone on for way too long.

It is kind of a sticky situation that we currently find ourselves in.  North Korea attacked South Korea and although they deny that they initiated the attack according to them and their ‘borders’,  South Korea did enter their maritime space.  I think the solution is to give all the water that surround both Koreas to the UN!  Now the US is sending a ship and they are going to have a circus right by the North Korean border and possibly aggregate crazy Kim Jong Il and his delinquent of a son even further.  So I don’t know!  I really do hope that everything will just kind of fade away!  I have too much to look forward to and I will not let stupid Kim Jong Il ruin my fun!

North and South should just settle their issues like two Korean middle-schoolers- Kai Bai Bo!  That is Rock Paper Scissors.  Although thoroughly annoying to a teacher this little wonder can solve any Korean obstacle.  And the speed at which they conduct their games is absolutely mind boggling.  These Koreans are professionals when it comes to the are of Rock-paper-scissoring.  So Lee Myung Bak and Kim Jong Il call each other on Skype and settle it once and for all.  Sudden death!  Seriously!


Cheers from Kimchiland!


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