And it’s the double digits!

19 Nov

Image by _maracuja via Flickr

99 days before I leave Korea!  Wow!  I am still a little culture shocked and now it’s almost time to go!  Since my time here in Kimchiland is running out I thought it good to make a list of the things I still wanted to do and see.  Unfortunately I did not get so see as much of Korea as I planned to but saving up all my money kind of hindered weekend travel excursions.  Before I get on that plane in Incheon I definitely want to go to Seoul one more time.  I also want to go back to Busan and experience the city.  I’ve only been to the beach!  And then I would like to go back to Gyongju and see everything this time around.  Lastly I want to visit a ski resort and fall on my ass trying to ski!  I cannot believe there are less than a hundred days left.  In retrospect time has just flown by!  Now to make the most of the remaining months here in Korea!

Cheers from Kimchiland!


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