red, yellow, green

9 Nov

For the most part I think Autumn has departed.  Even though the red, yellow and green leaves are reminiscent of Autumn the snatching cold tells a different story.  I am enjoying the cold weather very much. The only downer is that It get’s dark at around 17:50 which sucks!


This past weekend we made our way to Palgong mountain to see the autumn foliage.  It was nice to get out of the city and be one with nature!  Our little adventure started down town Daegu where we had to wait for the Rapid city bus to take us there.  The bus was packed and we barely had room to stand.  And at every stop more people just got on without ant people getting off.  We assumed that everybody was on their way to the mountain.  One thing as certain and that was that it was going to be a long bus ride.  The 1 hour and 45 minute bus ride wasn’t the most enjoyable thing I have ever done in my life but in the same breath it made me smile a couple of times.  Koreans love hiking and the outdoors.  Especially Koreans above middle age.  The love hiking so much that they wear hiking gear everyday.  In fact I don’t think they own anything other than hiking clothes.  And not just any hiking clothes – brightly coloured ones.  The interior of the bus looked complete like a brewing pot of rainbow vomit.  And these feisty Ajuma’s don’t take any crap, as they’ll shove as hard as thy can t get past you even though it is humanly impossible for you to move an inch!

At the mountain we walked around, took the cable car up and took way to many photos of leafs.  It was beautiful.  But as with everything else in Korea it was extremely crowded.  Everywhere you go it is crowded.  There are people everywhere.  It get a bit much sometimes,  I mis wide open spaces and driving for miles and miles without seeing any traces of civilisation.  Is it possible that I am longing for a weekend in the Karoo or even the Free State?  It’s time to get out of here, I am going nuts.


The leaves were beautiful and the colder weather is wonderful.  Korea can be beautiful, it’s a pity that it only lasts about a month of the year.

On a totally unrelated matter I have decided that I will absolutely refuse to do business with Koreans or even Korea in the Future.  Korean bureaucracy is enough to send you to an Asylum.   It is almost time for us to go on Winter vacation but planning our holidays this time round has proven a greater headache that the previous semester.  The education office cannot give as clear dates on when we are allowed to take it, and then when they do come to light with dates they do not allow enough time for us to take our full paid leave.  They are really intellectually inadequate.  It sometimes feel if I work for a bunch of imbeciles.  All I know is that in about 66 days I want to be somewhere tropical with another pineapple drink in my hand!  By hook or by crook that is how it will be!


Cheers from Kimchiland!


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