8 Months down!

18 Oct

Today marks the 8th month here in Kimchiland!  An accomplishment, I think so!  Now to many it may seem trivial that I celebrate this, but Korea has presented itself with countless challenges!  So I celebrate this because I am proud of myself that I did not make a midnight run, that I did not quit, that I am still here!  And with little over 4 months left I doubt that I would quit now!  This is the final stretch!  Many things have happened these past 8 months that I wish could have different.  But there is no changing the inevitable so I might as well just suck it up.  There is no need to go into the countless trails and tribulations that Korea has presented me with, so instead I will pay tribute to the things that I am grateful for.  So here goes:

  • I got to experience an Asian culture first hand, extensively!
  • I learned a great amount of patience (I was born without this one).
  • I got to travel to Thailand and China (and the rest of South East Asia awaits me).
  • I will have paid off my student loan by the end of this year.
  • I made incredible new friends from all corners of the earth.
  • I lost weight!
  • I can now budget!
  • Learned never to set high expectations.
  • I learned to stand my ground and take shit from nobody!
  • I bought many new gadgets.
  • I released my inhibitions regarding food, coz they eat everything here!
  • I learned enough Korean to survive (without learning the alphabet)!
  • I learned that a sacrifice now, is a well deserved pay off later.

I also learned that Korea is not a tourist destination and that I am not here to travel but to work!  Korea it has been tough but so far but in retrospect very enriching.  So Korea let’s keep it real for the last 4 months!


Cheers from Kimchiland!


4 Responses to “8 Months down!”

  1. GRRRL TRAVELER October 19, 2010 at 08:44 #

    Here! Here! Well said. BTW- what new gadgets did you get?

  2. jackie October 19, 2010 at 11:25 #

    “An abnormal reaction to an abnormal situation is normal behavior.”
    — Viktor Emil Frankl

    You did well my friend!:)

  3. Regina October 21, 2010 at 21:56 #

    Embarrassed to admit this but first time to visit your page. Love it! Can you make mine as pretty as yours? And teach me to write concisely?

    Also, I want to add to your list of accomplishments:

    1) Ate a Korean Pizza which included tuna, corn, squid, and pepperoni!

    2) Ordered the pizza in Korean!!

    Okay that’s all for now! See you back here soon!

    • christodewit October 24, 2010 at 16:17 #

      Well you are far to busy exploring the globe to be spending time on the “prettyness” of your blog!

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