And finally October is here!

5 Oct

September felt like the longest month ever.  Week after week I would ask myself is it October yet.  And now finally it is!  October is the 8th Month in Korea and I must admit I am feeling it now.  The novelty of Korea has completely worn off and now I am just faced with a daily routine and somewhat of a monotonous life!  Don’t gt me wrong the past two months was absolutely amazing, I went to Thailand and to China.  Nicola’s mom came to visit.  So all in all I had a great time.  But now it feels like there is a major bump in the road and it feels like I’m never gonna get home!

On sunday I was furious.  I just wanted to go (although I wouldn’t have).  I took a taxi home and then all of a sudden he stops the cab and tells me to get out.  I tell him that this is not where I want to go and that he should keep going (all in Korean of course).  Then he raised his voice which led me to raise my voice.  In the end I got so annoyed with this rude bastard that I took the 3000 won that was on the meter and threw it at him.  I got out and slammed that door so hard it might still be jammed.  And i swore.  I cursed like a pirate.  I was so angry!  I mean whats the point!  If you offer a service, then deliver the bloody service.  Please get into my cab but  I might just stop nowhere near where you tell me coz I want to!

Anyhow, rude  cab drivers aside, life is pretty much a routine now and not too many things to get all exited about.  My school has midterms coming up next week and that means two days of doing absolutely nothing.  And then on Wednesday I get to escort the kids on field trip to either Woobang land, Herb Hills or an abattoir.  If it is the latter I will go AWOL!

Cheers from Kimchiland!


One Response to “And finally October is here!”

  1. jackie October 5, 2010 at 14:15 #

    That’s awesome! (about throwing the money ^_^)

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