So, I went to China!

29 Sep
Great Wall of China may 2007.

Image via Wikipedia

China, there’s something mystical about it.   Since I came into existence I have been confronted with this great oddity that is China.  The ubiquitous “made in China” is  something that made this communist country approachable.  China is one of the biggest countries in the world and boasts the highest population at something like 1.3 billion.  now that a lot of people!  But there is more to China than it’s communism, overpopulation  and pollution.  China is the original orient.  It’s a mystical place filled with history, mystery and ancient treasures.  It’s because of this that China is one of the top tourist destinations in the world.  Oh and off course China has little something called the Great wall!  I think that was my biggest draw to this magical country.  To walk on the longest structure in the world.  I planned to spend 3 days in Beijing (of which one would be on the wall) and two days in Shanghai.  But as soon as I started exploring Beijing I realised that 3 days is not enough to take in all the splendour of this bustling city.  Even a week is too short.  So I spent the whole week in Beijing and I have no regrets, I guess I would have to go back to see the rest.

I inevitably found myself comparing everything in China with Korea as if Korea has set the bar for all things Asia.  When I walked convenience stores and cafe’s I immediately greeted the staff by Annyong Hasseyo’s and thanked them with Kamsamnida’s.  The shift from Korea and China was so quick, I mean it’s less than a two hour flight!  But I very quickly changed my Annyoeng’s into nee how’s and my kamsahamnida’s into xie xie’s!  Although it took about a day for me to realize that I am now in China, there really is no comparison.  China was amazing and it stole my heart.  Theres just something that I cannot put into words about the place.

China was great and I would go back there in a heart beat!


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