Summer Camp week 2

30 Jul

My summer camps finished today!  I must admit that I am going to miss it.  It was really great!  It is so much easier to work with a class of less than 20 kids!  And the kids also had so much fun!  Today when I told them there will be no more summer camp they all said “ah teacher sad very very sad!!!”  So thats great.  it was really rewarding.  My school has also been so great this past two weeks.  They let me leave at 12:30.  Most other schools where the NET has to teach summer camp at their own school had to sit it out until 4:30.  This will be the case for me next week though.  I don’t have any classes and there will be no other teachers at school bu I have to sit there and deskwarm!  We are only allowed 8 days of paid leave in the summer break, and that is why English teachers in Korea are such Facebook junkies!  But there is still a bright side to all of this and it’s that I only have to go in at nine!

This week in summer camp I had so much fun.  With my grade ones I did a movie project where they had to create their own movies.  I gave them topics and they had to construct a story board, write the script and act it out!  I filmed them and edited their video’s, and today on the last day of the camp we watched the movies.  The kids were really embarrassed when they saw themselves on the screen.  Some of them even hid under their desks!  My school also ordered pizza for them and we had a nice little farewell party.  The kids were so excited about the pizza they freaked out.  Most of them took out their cellphones and took like a million photos of the pizza’s.  They texted their family and friends about it.  I am teaching in a very lower income area so I’m guessing Pizza is not a common thing!  I am definetly going to miss these past two weeks.  But on the bright side it’s less than a week before I will be indulging myself in everythng that Thailand has to offer (more on this nextweek).

Summer Camp movies

Group 1

Topic: We are going to visit Shrek

Title: Keeping Shrek

Synopsis: There are three Powerrangers, Knifeman, Gunman and Shrek.  The Powerrangers and gunman have to protect Shrek against the evil Knifeman.  That’s basically it.  Although their movie is my favourite, their story is very basic.

Group 2

Topic: The dragon goes to the moon.

Title: Dragon to the moon.

Synopsis:  This is a rather complicated story and I only got it after the third time they did it.  Two kids discover a dragon in the forest.  The dragon wants to hide and go to the moon.  When the kids discover the dragon they immediately take pictures of him and in fear of being exposed the dragon agrees to take the kids to the moon.  The kids get onto the dragon’s back and they fly to the moon.  The kids’s parents see their children with the dragon on their way to the moon, so the father decides to phone the Moon Rabbit.  In East Asian Folklore (Korea and Japan) it is believed that there is a rabbit that lives on the moon that makes rice cakes.  Also the rabbit is supposed to fight off evil spirits of some kind.  It’s a rabbit because the shadows on the moon has the shape of a rabbit.  When the dragon and the kids arrive on the moon the dragon eats one of the rice cakes and  the rabbit kills the dragon.  Very good story and truly imaginative.

Cheers from Kimchiland, can’t wait until winter camp!!!


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