English Summer Camp Week 1!

23 Jul

Week 1 of my first English Summer camp came and went very quickly.  I must admit it took way longer to prepare all the materials than doing the actual camp.  bless!  Week 1 was a great success and I had so much fun with the kids.  I think this is how I imagined teaching in Korea would be like.  I have real interaction with the kids.  I actually know all the names of my kids and they really like me (bonus).  With regular classes personal interaction is very difficult because of the large classes.  Also my schools HUGE disregard for discipline also makes it hard to really interact in a fun but educational way.  With my third grade students I usually spend 10 to 20 minutes per lesson trying to control the kids.  The co-teacher usually stands with her arms folded at the back.  But Summer camp is absolutely amazing.  I see each grade (1 and 2)  for an hour an a half each day, which is great because the lessons can be in depth.  Another bonus is that my principal has decided to let me go after i finnish my classes each day, so I can home at 1 every day!  Awesome!  Here are some pics of my first week at summer camp!

A Video of my students!

Cheers from a TGIF Kimchiland


One Response to “English Summer Camp Week 1!”

  1. jackie July 23, 2010 at 16:11 #

    They look…evil…

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