it’s all in the tentacles!

13 Jul

As soon as it came it had gone!  The FIFA World Cup was a month of sleep deprivation, endless party sessions and a natural conversation starter.  Everybody was hooked.  Literally the whole world!  I mean, here I am in South Korea and everybody had world cup fever.  All the Koreans, all the Americans, even the Canadians got into it and the Britts too.  These are the people in circle these days ant the World Cup took over our existence this last month.  It was great!  I am really bummed that Holland wasn’t able to take the trophy home but Spain is just as deserving.  Also it’s the first time they won so good for them! And besides Paul the Octopus predicted it.  I guess it’s all in the tentacles!@ Talking with all my friends and family back home it is clear that South Africa will go into some sort of post world cup depression.  It is as if people do not know how to go on living now without this silly game!  From now on it business as usual.  And it sucks!

Now that the World Cup is over my only focus is finishing all my lessons for summer camp.  I have to teach a two week summer camp at my school during the school holiday.  But it’s not a camp in the sense that we know it, it’s just basically the kids coming into school during holiday times and attending classes that they choose to attend.  I guess there are math and science summer schools as well.  I have to prepare 20 lessons for the two weeks and I am at lesson no 15.  I still have to prepare all the powerpoints before next week.  But no worries the kids are writing one or other test again tomorrow so I have no classes!

Next on my agenda is the Summer vacation.  I get to escape Kimchiland for a glorious 10 days and I cannot wait!!!  I am going to Thailand!!!!!!  Even if it rains the whole time, I don’t care – I need to get away!  Only three more weeks!!!!  Whoop Whoop!

Cheers from Kimchiland!!!


3 Responses to “it’s all in the tentacles!”

  1. karliendupreez July 13, 2010 at 16:34 #

    So glad u also think Spain is deserving. The SA holland supporters are bad losers and didnt even want to celebrate with me. But yes…even me, the person has the least knowledge in the world of soccer or ANY sport if it doesn’t involve dancing on tables, could carry a conversation on soccer. Players, teams, previous games ect…
    Eish…good times. Soccer World Cup: Where everyone can be a sportsfan!

  2. GRRRL TRAVELER July 13, 2010 at 23:05 #

    OMG! 2 WEEK CAMP? Dude, you’re totally getting slammed but I’m sure once your term ends, you’ll be able to dodge bullets. 20 lesson plans– not cool. Have them make PBJ sandwiches for a lesson (American kid/adult food at its finest!) You can get a jumbo tub of PB at Costco! I know how you feel tho– I’m trying to do original stuff too.

    • christodewit July 14, 2010 at 08:35 #

      Christine, you are always so concerned about me! thank you!!!! It’s not that bad – at least I stay at my school and don’t have to juggle between different schools for camps. I must admit when the DMOE did not sign me up for any other camps I was upset because I needed to get away from this place, but now I fine with it. Julia has it far worse, I don’t know how many camps she has but it’s way more than 20 lessons! Also I did not have to hand in any lesson plans before the camp, only my worksheets after the camp! But still I hate my school!

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