red-eyed disappointment, pain and misbehaved bastards!!!

17 Jun

The World Cup is well on its way with all teams having played one match!  Not even a week in and there is already a FIFA controversy.  The Vuvuzela.  Not to elaborate too much but seriously hosting this monstrous event cost South African tax payers a mere  R40 Billion!  So the rest of the word can suck it up or fuck off (excuse my french).  When in Rome do as the Romans do.  In this case blow a vuvuzela or buy friggin ear plugs.  South African soccer and the makarapa and the vuvuzela are all peas in the same pod.  If you don’t like then read about the soccer in the paper or mute your TV or just get a life!  Urgh the media pisses me off during events such as these.  There will always be something.  I can rant on about all the discrepancies of the World Cup but keeping in the swing of things, I won’t!

So Bafana Bafana played their second match against Uruguay and boy oh boy did we get annihilated!  I mean all the odds were against us coming into the world cup, but it still hurts to be completely and utterly ripped to pieces!  And to make matters worse I had to wake up at 03:30 AM to watch the friggin match!  But I will support my team until our final whistle blows!  And although there is still a glimmer of hope for the boys I aint getting my hopes up!

Due to my early morning World Cup activities I was red eyed the whole day.  I asked students three times what their number was during the speaking tests.  I just couldn’t get it together!  to make matters worse my ear is throbbing with pain.  So much that at 11 am I asked my co teacher if it’s possible for me to go to the doctor again.  I went back and the doctor confirmed that the inflammation has gotten worse and gave me another round of antibiotics!  It’s not working dammit!  Got back to school and tried my damnedest to give my lessons (which I had to) but it was hard.  the pain is so bad that I have to clinch not to scream.  It hurts!  And this brings me to my next point.  My school just don’t give a flying fuck about me (once again I apologise for my french).  I am in pain, they can see I am in pain, but i still have to teach!  I have to stand there, try and keep the brats quiet, give my lesson, while my co-teachers just stand in the back arms folded!  My one co-teacher did not say anything during class and the kids were rowdy!  All this with a throbbing ear!  When I confronted her about the clas she said she will try harder next time but the third grade is too hard!  Are ou friggin kidding me!  I cannot speak the language!  YOU CAN!  So shut the bastards up!  No my patience is running out and I can seriousely not say if I will be able to survive a whole year at this hell hole.

I am supposed to go with my school to dinner tonight and then watch the Korea-Argentina game but I don’t think I will.  Firstly my ear is seriously hurting so bad that I just want to go and sleep, and secondly I need to get away from this place and the people in it!!!

That’s all for now folks, Cheers from Kimchiland!

PS.  Sorry about the bitch session in the last part but I had to get it out!


3 Responses to “red-eyed disappointment, pain and misbehaved bastards!!!”

  1. howtoclimbamountain July 1, 2010 at 13:32 #

    It’s a pity. I am the only female teacher at my school and all the male teachers faff about me. Any student that puts a wrong foot forward gets thrown out of class or at least gets a thourough talking to. I’m sorry you’re having trouble…it’s not like that everywhere. Most of my co-teachers so far go out of their way to make me feel at home, but I’ve heard many other people complain of the same thing.

  2. David tz July 21, 2010 at 22:18 #

    Learn the phrase “Yah! shik-grow!” It basically means “hey you! Shut up!” and “No ga” which means “you go”. Point at the door when you say it. Most kids will shake their head and refuse to go, at which point you can tell them to shut up again. If you’re co-teacher gives you shit for saying it to the kids, then you can launch into them about how they are not doing their job, and unless they are willing to do and say the same thing, shut the fuck-up.

    • christodewit July 21, 2010 at 23:09 #

      Ha ha thanks! I really do not hope I will need to use it! I am done teaching the dreaded 3rd grade from next semester. Have summer camps now and it is a breeze! Thanks for the advice!

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