Woza Weekend!!!

15 Jun

So the World Cup kicked off this weekend, and boy what a weekend it was.  My impulsive decision to head up to Seoul to watch the game there has no regrets!  It was absolutely amazing!  On Friday I asked my co-teacher if I can get off work early because we were invited by Hyundai as “guests of honour” (in Korea you have to sugar coat things) to watch the opening match of the World Cup.  Due to availability on the KTX to Seoul we had to leave work at three to make the train at 4.  We reached Dong Daegu station with 10 minute to spear and stocked up on soccer accessories at the 7/11.  The 300km journey to Seoul in 1h45min still amazed me!  We headed down to Iteawon where we were supposed to meet up with all the other fellow South Africans.  Once at Scrooges pub we really got into the mood!  It was great.  We stocked up on SA flags and stickers and tattoos.  By 8pm the place was packed with South Africans and there was one heck of a party!  We waka waka’d like never before.  From there we went to the main street in Iteawon where the Hyundai busses were to pick us up.  The half and hour in the street was an even bigger party.  We sang shosholoza and the Anthem and toi-toi’d in the streets of Seoul!  We trumpeted on our Vuvuzela’s like only South Africans can.  It was really great.  As we were waiting for the bus my eye caught someone familiar.  it was the weirdest feling.  I saw this girl who went to varsity with me (we were in the same class of about 20).  And of all places we bump into each other in Seoul.  It was great!  The busses picked us up and off we went to Olympic park.  It was quite a journey there.  On the bus we watched the opening ceremony and we went mad.  Our spirits were high and everybody was pumped up!  As we arrived at Olumpic park we stocked up on beer and headed towards the big screen.  There were thousands of Koreans (all dressed in red) and loads of news crews.  We were the stars of the night.  An odd 150 South Africans taking over Seoul.  Everybody wanted to take pictures of us and with us.  It was great.  We eventually made it to the front.  I wanted to be right in front so I squished my way through all the people until I was in front of the barricade.  Whether or not that was allowed I don’t know.  We further watched the opening ceremony and yours truly acted as cheerleading captian.  The crowd loved me, or so I hope!  Everybody was in high spirits and it was great.  We sang our National Anthem with pride and we were so proud of our beloved country.  And all this even before we started playing.  The soccer match was truly exciting with both Mexico and Bafana Bafana scoring a goal.  During the game it started to rain in Seoul but that did not affect our mood.  Although many Koreans headed home when the rain started pouring down.  What also made friday night so great was the fact that two of our friends from Daegu, Diane and Dan, also made the trip to Seoul for the weekend.  they decided to join us and we made South Africans out of them!  they cheered for South Africa all the way (even though Mexico is closer to home).  After the game we headed back to Scrooges where we had our last drinks.  Diane and Dan headed to their hotel and Nicola and I headed for Seoul station.  We got to Seoul Station just after 4 and bought  2 tickets on the 6:15 am slow train back to Deagu.  Luckily McDonald’s was open and it became our refuge until our train departed.  We got back to Daegu at 11 am and we were exhausted.  It was a great night and we did not regret any second of it!  it was amazing!

Well done South Africa!  And PS blow those friggin VUVUZELA’s!  Screw the world!  The World Cup cost us millions so the rest of you  SUCK IT UP!


One Response to “Woza Weekend!!!”

  1. GRRRL TRAVELER June 15, 2010 at 17:07 #

    Awesome! That totally rocks — looks like it was a South African blast! 😉

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