1 day to Kick off!

10 Jun

I can vividly remember when it was 300 days to kick off.   I flew from Cape Town to Johannesburg and as I walked into the arrivals hall of OR Tambo Int.  I saw the big timer (they were everywhere).  And I can remember thinking to myself that gosh less than a year to go.  Living in a country that is hosting such a major event is really quite something.  Since we won the bid in 2004 the whole of South Africa had soccer fever (and yes we call it SOCCER).  threats were made that we will not be ready and that Africa is not equipped to host such an event.  Apparently Germany has  been on standby!  But ever since the initial preparations for the 2010 world cup South Africa was united!  We were united in our joy when Nelson Mandela held the FIFA card with SOUTH AFRICA written on it.  We were united in our plight against all the road works and construction that was disrupting our everyday lives.  But in the end we knew that the world cup was good for our development and infrastructure.  The world cup is good for our image!!!  Now I can guarantee that the media will rip us apart (as they do with any host country)  but I don’t care.  There is crime and in many aspects we are still a developing country.  FIFA knew this when they awarded us the final!  So deal with it.  the point i’m trying to make is that there is one day to go.  Over the past 6 years South Africa has been soccer crazy and tomorrow is the reason why!  Tomorrow the biggest sporting event in the world will kick off in my home town!  And it sucks because I cannot be there.  I’ve been working on a blog entry this whole week bu I end up deleting it straight aways due to something I call soccer world cup partum depression.  Everybody on facebook is freaking out on how awesome it is in South Africa now and I’m stuck with rude, disrespectful Korean mongrels!!!  But it also makes me so proud of my country!  And to be in another country is in a certain way also great because you get to show off your country without even having to take anybody there!  The world cup is going to be great and go BAFANA BAFANA!  I’m rooting for you all the way!  And if u don’t win, no worries, South Africa is unified once again!!!!  Blow those vuvuzela’s and cheer the boys!   Tomorrow is the start of something brilliant!

I’m proudly South African!!!!


One Response to “1 day to Kick off!”

  1. Janiele van Zyl June 10, 2010 at 16:45 #

    I can feel the sadness and disappointment in your blog for not being able to be part of this cheerful madness! It is really a strange feeling one has today! For the past 6 years all the talk was world cup , world cup, world cup and now that time and day has finally arrived! You must see how nice the roads are looking near the airport. There are flags hanging on all sides of the R24. It is very festive.
    You can surtainly be very proud to be South African! Our country made all of us proud!

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