the art of puking rainbows!!!

20 May

I have been awfully quiet since I got back from Seoul.  It’s mainly because I think for the most part things are going smoothly here in Kimchiland!  That doesn’t mean that each day is challenge free, it’s just I am adapting more and more everyday!  A lot of talk on facebook these last couple of weeks have been about how he “honeymoon period” has now ended and many fellow teachers here are truly struggling with some stuff.  Just regular old culture shock and as far as I know nothing major.  Needles to say I have never had a honeymoon period here in Korea and I don’t think I ever will.  What’s done is done!

This past week Korea and I have celebrated (?) our third month anniversary.  Korea was so kind in sending me a rainy day which kind of sucked!  One, because I got wet and two I was drenched in acid rain.  Now the obvious solution you might think is having an umbrella handy.  Well, I do, two actually.  The thing is, which I also had to explain to my students after showing up for work soaking, was that an umbrella only covers so much.  Needless to say they thought it was funny, but then again they weren’t the ones wearing an acid rain drenched shirt!  Next week it’s my mission toi find a rain jacket.  No easy task in midget-ville!

Next year Daegu will be hosting the IAAF World Championship and in preparation for the event last night they hosted a pre-championdhip meeting.  The event itself wasn’t spectacular but still it was an awesome experience.  Usain Bolt was there and ran the 100m.  He did not crush his world record but he surely entertained a few thousand people!  Also fellow South African Mbulaeni Muluadzi won the gold in the men’s 800m,  The only pity was that the only participating South African athlete was announces as coming from Russia.  seriously Korea, if you are going to host an international event please get a Native English speaker to do the announcements.  It’s not as if you have shortage or anything!  It was a great event and well worth the exhausting trek to the stadium.  A funny thing that I observed was the lack of good ‘ol stadium food.  There were no junk in sight!  No fries, no chip ‘ n dip, no burgers and no hotdogs.  There was beer but no greasy companion!  Instead Koreans like to have rice cakes and kimbap and ramen noodles at sports events!  Weird!

Yesterday as I was witnessing the fastest man on earth in action it struck me for the first time!  That I will not be home for the World Cup.  Now I’m not that avid soccer supporter but still the greatest sporting event in the world will be taking place in my home town in two weeks.  I cannot help but feel sad that I will miss it.  And event though I would have only watched one match is missing the whole vibe!  Missing out on a hyped up country.  A proud country.  A united country.  I will wave my South African flag in the week preceding the opening ceremony and I will root for Bafana Bafana all the way (however long that’way’ may be)!

Tomorrow is Budha’s birthday and although I have no idea how old he is I thank him for blessing me with a day off work!  This weekend will be a major chill session with me just lazing about doing nothing!

Cheers from Kimchiland!


One Response to “the art of puking rainbows!!!”

  1. GRRRL TRAVELER June 7, 2010 at 13:34 #

    With the acid rain, at least I won’t need to get an acid facial wash to renew my skin. But this chronic cough thing that happens in suspect to pollution has got to go. I hear you on the honeymoon part– I think with such low expectations, we should be having our honeymoon round now.

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