You lift me up!

28 Apr

One thing that I am very grateful of is the fact  that Nicola and I have been placed in Daegu with about 100 new teachers.  At the orientation we had time to bond and all get lost in our first impression of Korea.  I am a very strong willed person and it takes a hell of a lot to break me, but as you have noticed in my blogs that breaking point is coming closer each day.  The fact that Haksan Middle school hasn’t been able to break me is all because of the amazing support I get from all you guys.  You all know who you are.  Thanks for reading my blog and giving me sound advice.  Thanks for encouraging me to not take anything lying down!  We all came from very different parts of the world, but we are united in our quest to conquer Korea.  Not to change this crazy place but to make ourselves fit!  To enable us to live and thrive in this culture.  To enrich ourselves so that we can grow!  Thank you all!

P.S  Seeing that Tina did not comment on this blog but rather on facebook I am going to paste her encouraging words here.  For all the other encouraging words read the comments on the previous post!

Tina Hyland

Have you talked about this with the DMOE? It sounds like they bought a new washer on the DMOE’s dime and gave you whatever shit they could find.

The way you are being treated is not fair, and, from what I can tell, is not the norm. Most people here are in pretty good situations. Mine and Grant’s are certainly a dream in comparison.

I’m not trying to rub your nose in it; I’m saying you have ample cause to complain. No one is sticking up for you; you’ve gone through the proper channels, and they’ve failed. It’s time to bust out the big guns. And what are they going to do? Like you less? They’ve already made it quite clear that they have limited regard for you–recording every time you’re late, threatening drug tests, trying to sift money from your pocket, giving you crusted appliances that they can’t even muster up the good will and consideration to *clean* first. Really, what asshole is going to take your crisp new appliance and rub your nose in it by giving you something that isn’t only ancient, but also filthy? It really can’t get much worse.

I say DMOE it up. Make demands. Be heard. Wave your contract like a banner and go to war with these Christo-hating jerks. They deserve it. Talk about other people’s situations. They like to save face here, right? Let them know how ugly their faces are compared to, say, my situation or Grant’s. Or just about any one else. Let them know you feel like you got the shaft in placement–that they are screwing you mercilessly, and you know it, and that every other school is better than theirs.

And maybe, maybe, if you ruffle enough feathers, things will change. Or maybe the DMOE won’t risk sending another good English teacher to that school. You could save some future NET a lot of grief, either by paving a path or bulldozing the damn bridge. Either way, You’re A Damn Hero.

Thanks guys!

Cheers from Kimchiland!


2 Responses to “You lift me up!”

  1. GRRRL TRAVELER April 29, 2010 at 02:22 #

    We’re all behind you. If DMOE doesn’t work, maybe have us sign a petition or something. What’s going on is not right. You’re just as well off at a hagwan.

  2. Joel April 29, 2010 at 13:05 #

    I agree with the above comments. Most people really do their research before joining EPIK and coming to Korea. Potential teachers stumbling upon your blog and reading about this madness is not something the DMOE wants. Tell them they need to make this right. A contract is a contract. You wouldn’t be able to miss a day of work every week, would you? They should honor their end as well.

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