Down in the dumps . . .

21 Apr

This past week I have felt a bit down.  There are so many contributing factors that if I name them all I’ll never stop typing.  The weekend was a real highlight and on monday it felt so far away!  As if the weekend was a distant memory.  It’s no joke that i hate Mondays, but it’s also my busiest day.  Which is kinda good because the flies by faster than superman!  The thing is I still have no appliances in apartment.  My school promised that I would have it by now.  When I asked them about it in  Monday they informed me the school’s administrator will not be in this week so they can only order it next week.  That will be two weeks before they order it and probably another week before I get it.  When I moved into my new place my co-teacher told me that the has already ordered the appliances.  They haven’t.  It’s all lies at my school.  They try so hard to cover their asses.  Now i can live without my TV but, hey, I can’t go without a washing machine or a fridge.  It was stated in the contract that I will have these things and i don’t.  I am so fed up with my school’s shit that I just don’t care anymore.  So I’ll get my stuff when I get it.  No more headaches over it!

The other thing that really bothers me is my students.  Now i see the gr. 1’s once a week and the gr.3’s twice.  By one or other reason is the english of the gr.1’s better than the gr.3’s.  As I see the gr.3’s more it is difficult to stay positive.  It is as if thy have lost all motivation to study.  They come into the classroom with the mindset that they cannot understand english and never will!  I have tried so many things to make the lessons fun.  We played games and all kinds of silly crap.  I just don’t know how to get them excited about english.  The worst thing is some of them speak perfect english but they just sit around and do nothing.  Like this one girls and can have a semi decent conversation with her but whenever i give her work to do she just stares into the distance.  What do I do?

Oh well, the weather is warming up, so hopefully with it my down in the dumpyness!!!

Cheers from Kimchiland!


2 Responses to “Down in the dumps . . .”

  1. madeerylou April 23, 2010 at 12:20 #

    Sorry to hear that about your students! I can tell by your lesson plans that you put a lot of effort into making lessons fun, engaging and informative. I know what you mean about students not being motivated. Some of them just have a bad attitude and don’t want to learn. But, it brings down the rest of the class. I can’t find a good solution to it either.

    And your school is not honoring your contract! They should compensate you somehow. But kudos for putting up with it like a trooper. I know others that would’ve quit long ago instead of putting up with things like that.


  2. GRRRL TRAVELER April 26, 2010 at 18:36 #

    Cheer up, Camper. Without your experiences, I can’t tell you how my life would be a dark tunnel. YOu’re seriously one of the people who puts it all in check for me. I want to hear what went down when you had it out with them.

    Ironically, for me my youngest are enthusiastic about the dumbest textbook things, while the older kids are generally a bit of struggle. BUT- I don’t have middle school. I’d probably slit my throat if I did… its an awkward age range. I feel for you. Have you tried the route of working pop culture & stuff into your lesson plans. That’s the teen crush age & boy bands. You did an AWESOME job w/ that “occupations” lesson. It totally blew me away! But spun into pop culture- what if you put Bi/Rain’s head on each occupation guy… puts a diff. spin on it. Dumb stuff like that– kids might be interested if they can relate to how the content fits into their life. Good luck.

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