I like to move it move it!

13 Apr

At the stroke of 5 I will leave my dodgy Korean alley and seek greener pastures.  Finally!  So at 5 the mover and his truck will be at my apartment to help me move Korean possessions down the road!  I can’t wait!

This weekend was thoroughly enjoyable.  A group of us all went down to Jinhae for the Cherry blossom Festival.  In order to get there we had to take a bus from Daegu to Masan, which took about an hour and 10 minutes.  Once in Masan we took a cab to Jinhae.  It was also our first encounter with the notorious black cabs.  Before coming to Korea I remembered reading somewhere that the black cabs should be avoided.  But he said that al 6 of us could squash in.  So we did.  We agreed upon 20 000 won but when we arrived in Jinhae he charged 25 000 Won.  As he had no meter running we had no choice but to pay it.  Not bad between six people seeing that we got there in less than 20 minutes, but still the principal of it all pissed me off.  So in jinhae we met up with some other folks who left earlier from Daegu.  Together we walked around this pretty town and were in awe of all the cherry blossoms.  All the streets are lined with these white blossom trees.  As Jinhae is located at the coast we all had an urge to see the ocean so we headed in that direction.  We walked for what seemed like a 100 miles and finally reached the Korean naval academy.  I got told off by an angry looking military man for taking a picture of one of the military ships.  It was beautiful.  The ocean not the ship.  As we headed back into jinhae we headed toards a park, climbed a few stairs and went up this little path – and what do you know – we climbed a mini mountain.  Amazing.  On this hill is the jinhae tower which gave us a great view of both the ocean and the town.  It was amazing to see all the white trees from above.  We had some bipbimbap for lunch and headed back to Masan.  We waited to catch the bus and boy oh boy were we cramped.  At lest 100 people in a bus made for 52 passengers.  It was intimate.  In Masan we caught the bus back to Daegu.  Everybody was exhausted.  It was a great day and well worth the trip.

The rest of the weekend was just spent lazing around and recuperating for the week to come.  Nicola and I went to my mold infested apartment to pack up.  All in all it took about an hour.  So hopefully tonight won’t take too long!

So folks I guess this will be the last blog from my dodgy Korean Alley!


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