Say What?!

9 Apr

Just a quick update from Daegu town.  My apartment is still home to a somewhat expanding ecosystem.  As I have no interest whatsoever in discovering or breeding new species I have decided to leave my dodgy Korean Alley.  I will miss Jesus during my smoke breaks out of the kitchen window.  I will miss the smell of cabbage, onions and deep fried guts as I enter my building.  I will miss the four flights of stairs that I took to reach my little breeding box!  The cold showers and sleepless nights, which made me so happy, is unfortunately now something of the past!

After what seemed like forever my school finally caved and agreed to move me to a new apartment.  I can say with certainty that I will be moving.  Apart from the 50 000 a month management fee the school is covering the rest.  The cancellation fee as well as the moving fee.  They organised a mover and a truck to help me on Tuesday after work!  Yay!

But enough about that!  As Nicola and I walked back to her apartment last night we had a little discussion on what different people expect when coming to this strange and crazy place.  Some guys come here for the girls!  Yes the stereotype is a stereotype for a reason folks.  Some of us hairy western men only come here to soak up the untanned, fringe flung Korean beauties.  Then there are some that do the whole cultural exchange.  They submerge themselves into this new weird and mind boggling culture.  Learning the language, traditions and customs as if their life depended on it.  Then there are others that couldn’t be bothered about the culture, language or any of that and just get drunk each weekend.  And then there are people like me.  More confused than the Confucius himself!  .  I came to Korea because it has been an obsession of mine for quite some time.  I read every friggin book there was about the culture, the history and all that crap.  But then last night as I pondered my life over a smoke I realised that I couldn’t remember any of it.  Nothing.  Nada!  Oh, except the part where I read that everybody spat on the street.  That grossed me out and unfortunately still does!  I did not come to Korea to learn Hangul or Confucius culture.  I did not come here to convert to Buddhism .  I came here to live.  And that’s what I’m doing.  If I pick up the language here and there, great!  My day-to-day experiences in Korea is where I’ll learn the most.  Where I will adapt to this culture.   Getting lost in a cab because we are lost in translation.  Or walking 10 blocks instead of 3 because I couldn’t tell the difference between “left” and “right” – which sometimes happen in English as well!  We’re going on our second month here in Daegu town and although time flies here, what’s the rush?!  So I’m just gonna take a chill pill, and maybe some other stuff, and just live.  You never know, I might just meet the end tomorrow in one of these crazy busses!

This past two weeks I reminded myself of a dark and gloomy character in a Steven King novel.  I was depressed, infuriated, and just plain rude.  My school and their lack of interest in my well being just pissed me off!  But now, as with all things, that has passed!  Thus I will soon be returning to the friendly light hearted person that I am and you all love!

Korea freaks me out, but I love it! So cheers for now from my dodgy Korean Alley!


2 Responses to “Say What?!”

  1. carla April 9, 2010 at 20:02 #

    dankie tog vrede het gekom, ek het gewonder hoe lank dit jou gaan vat om enige expectations te laat vaar en te go with the flow en vir jou om op te soak wat jou te bied is.
    het ‘n heerlike gesprek met saskia gehad oor life in east asia en hoekom mense nie altyd dit geniet nie.
    lyk of jy nou tot die besef gekom het dat dit gaan nie verander nie en jy moet dit nou maar net vat soos dit kom, en dit is vir my great! nou kan jy verby die goed kyk wat jou irriteer en dalk net ander great goed raak sien. geniet dit tjomma ek gun dit vir jou!
    ps ek soek ‘n persoonlik email of atleast ‘n skype date, ek sien mens moet afsprake maak 🙂

  2. Naomi Bloem April 10, 2010 at 02:25 #

    Sounds like a great adventure! …very jealous!

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