Korea, what a wonderful place to teach…

6 Apr

I am always happy when I get to blog on a Tuesday.  On Monday’s there is no time as I have 7 classes.  So Tuesdays I can blog. I just saw that my blog has had 1000 hits since I came to Korea.  That’s great.  If only two people read my blog I would also be very happy.  This blog is not only for all those who want to know what I am up to is this strange, strange land but also for myself.  I document my day-to-day activities and endeavours.  So to all of you who read Kimchi with Eish! thank you very much!

This weekend was probably one of the most low-key weekends ever.  We didn’t do much and it was great!  On Friday night one of Nicola’s co-teachers took Nicola, myself and another GET out to dinner.  We went to ths awesome spaghetti and rice place.  Afterwards we went for a beer at a pub called Zoo Bar.  It was great.  On Saturday we woke up quite early and was in the mood for a good ’al breakfast.  So we marched off to camp walker.  We read about this place close to gate 4.  Both of us had an omelette which was awesome!  Sunday was also spent lazing around the apartment not doing much.

I went back to my apartment on Friday and Saturday and to my surprise nothing has been done.  No new wall paper, no nothing!  Not that just covering the mold up with new wallpaper will fix the problem, but is has been over a week now and my school hasn’t done shit! When I came to school yesterday I was furious!  But due to my 7 classes I could only raise this issue at 4 after my last class.  My co-teacher then contacted the Admin office to check the status of my situation.  Guess what!  The school is unable to get hold of the owner of my apartment so there is nothing that they can do.  I was furious.  I shouted and yelled all kinds of things.  I demanded to speak  with my principal about this.  I couldn’t.  My co-teacher avoided the whole idea of me raising the issue with the principal.  Why is this!  I was very persistent and in the end I got to see the friggin principal.  I explained the problem to him (via my co-teacher)  and asked if the school even cares about me.  Because from where I’m standing they couldn’t be bothered.  I mean of the first night in Daegu I had to sleep on the floor covered in black dust!  Way to go Korea!  Awesome place!  Love it!  I still do not know what’s going on!  But this is getting ridiculous!  And my patience is starting to run dry.


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