Guilt Trip!

2 Apr

Just to inform you my little dilemma, is still a dilemma!  That’s right!  When life hands you lemons . . . you friggin throw them at stupid administrative officers! (and at naughty 3rd graders).

The little discipline problem we have at my school really made me think long and hard about how to control these maniacs?!  I have tried many different things and none of them seemed to do it.  But today, today I struck a nerve.  Even my co-teacher said my method was successful.  And rightfully so, I am now known as Christo teacher/dictator/monster!  What do you expect.  I live in a mold infested box and my school couldn’t care less.  Christo dictator has been unleashed.  Yes yes yes I know I’m not supposed to take out my frustrations on the kids, and trust me my first graders still think I’m the coolest teacher ever.  It’s those demented, corrupted third graders that’s on my list.

Today my lesson was about Africa.  Seeing that I come from Nam-a-Gong, the land of the World cup, I had to work in Africa somehow.  I wanted to send these third graders on the biggest guilt trip of their lives.   And not that I’m disrespectful towards the poor in Africa, my lesson was very educational as it broadened their horizons.  Also to make them appreciate their schools more.  I am also posting my lesson on the Lessons page so check it out Lesson Page.

I got a video from youtube about schools in South Africa (rural South Africa).  Seeing that SA is a developing country there are many flaws and shortcomings with the system.  I have faith that we will get there in the end though!  Anyway, so the video was about schools in Zululand, which is an area on the eastern coast of SA.  I first showed them a map of the world, then Africa and broke it down all the way to Zululand.  Just so that they know exactly where it is.  Then I showed them the video.  I wrote down some of the dialogue and narration of the video and created a worksheet out of it.  I asked the students to pay careful attention and listen.  They had to fill in the missing words.  Some of the brighter students really enjoyed the video and I can see that they appreciated it.  Afterwords I gave them instruction to write down 5 things that they are grateful for about their school.  You really have to watch the video to understand.  I’ll post it.  Some of the kids really wrote down awesome tings, others just made me smile.  In the video it shows a school that has no classrooms.  So the students have to be taught under a tree.  Many of the students wrote down that they are grateful for the elevator in my school.  How you bring those two things together I’ll never know.  All in all a good lesson.

Now the discipline problem.  In Korea, there is a 10 minute break between each period.  Since my classes are in the English center the students have to come to me.  In Korea students stay in 1 classroom and teachers change classes.  So in this 10 minute break there is ample time for the students to go to the toilet and come to my class.  But every lesson there are a handful of them that are late.  So today I told them for every late student I will add 1 minute to the lesson.  Every time they spoke and I had to say ‘quiet’ I also added 1 minute.  They quickly got the message.  In the end I had to keep them 8 minutes extra.  As it was the period before lunch they were really annoyed by this.  But it worked.  No more walking all over Christo teacher.  It ‘s more like Christo teacher will walk over you . .  (one of these days these crocs will walk all over you . . . . )

Cheers from my dodgy, very very moldy, Korean alley..


3 Responses to “Guilt Trip!”

  1. Jackie April 2, 2010 at 14:32 #

    BRAVO!!! YOU TELL THEM!!!!!!!!!! (I wouldn’t make it out alive with middle school!!!)

  2. Chris in South Korea April 3, 2010 at 00:46 #

    There are some other people that would LOVE to hear your story – and see your pictures. Korea Herald, Groove Magazine, maybe your newspaper from back home? Bitch and scream, my friend.

    Don’t take it out on your students, though. It’s not their fault… Simply show up at the school unshaved, barely on time, and possibly with dirty clothes on. Be sure your Korean teachers know what’s going on.

    FWIW, I’ve dealt with late students in a different way. For every minute they’re late, they will do one bow to the class. 15 minutes late? That’s 15 bows, sir.

  3. christodewit April 3, 2010 at 10:27 #

    Thanks Chris,

    There is a serious discipline problem at my school. Even my Korean co-teachers complain endlessly about it. There is absolutely no respect whatsoever. One of the teachers actually resigned yesterday because one of the students threatened him with a blade. Yes thats right. I had no idea that things like this happened in Korea. Therefor teaching them is very difficult. I only experience this with the third graders and not the first graders.

    I will consider contacting the newspapers! Thanks a million. I have contacted the DMOE about my problems.

    Have a great weekend!

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