With Eish!

30 Mar

Many people ask me what is “eish”.  Eish is South African slang used to express everything ranging from frustration to surprise to disapproval to shock, but also just everyday acknowledgement of things you can’t change like “Eish, the traffic is bad today”. Heard frequently each and every day!  Thus as the title of my blog I’m mixing it up with Kimchi, which is a traditional Korean dish made out of fermented cabbage.  The term “eish” was further made popular by a famous South African Brandy distillery.  in all their ads they they make the comment “met Eish ja” which in Afrikaans sounds like ice.  And offcourse you want ice with your brandy.  in South Africa e drink ice with everything!  So the adds are a play on the slang word eish and on the afrikaans word for ice which is “ys”.  So there you have it – where Kimchi with Eish comes from!

Here is a TV commercial of Klipdrift – who uses eish in their slogan!  Enjoy, it is one of the funnierones!


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