In the end, Disaster struck!

30 Mar

The weekend flew by faster than superman flies away from kryptonite!  All in all it was a great weekend.  Unfortunately superman flew straight into a mountain of kryptonite on Sunday night!  Disaster struck!  More on that later, now the good stuff.

Friday after work Nicola and I followed the usual routine of catching the bus to the subway station and then taking the subway to our beloved Banwoldang station.  In celebration of my Honours degree and our first pay check we ate at Benningans.  I had steak, off course, at R260.  It was a tiny piece of meat but it was soooo good.  I’ve been craving steak and it was the only way to satisfy me.  After dinner we went to Billi-bow, once again, because we knew for certain there would be some familiar faces.  And as it turned out we were right.  We met up with all the Epik peeps.  It was Kyle’s birthday so the party pretty soon got, uh, interesting.  We walked from bilibow to this other place, Ping, but we got lost.  We stumbled upon a ‘take-away’ cocktail place that serves  cocktails in these little sachets.  We hung out there for a while in the middle of the street playing with little sparkle lights that the bartender gave us.  It was well entertaining.  We eventually got to ping and hung out there.  We headed to who’s Bob next and that is when things got wild.  I mean we took over that whole place.  From singing out loud to dancing in a circle to limbo’ing!  It was one great evening and a perfect way to celebrate our first month of teaching.  As it turned out we only headed home at about 6 am and we realised that we could take the subway home.  So after a treacherous journey on the subway, which seemed to last forever, we arrived home at 7 am!  I can’t even remember when last did I see the sun rise after a night out!  Good fun.

After what seemed to be a 10 minute power nap, we woke up at about noon.  We got ready and headed towards the electronics market which is in the area of Costco and Exco.  It was Nicola’s big day.  She has been so frustrated to use my laptop the whole time and I heard again and again that it was my fault that she did not bring her laptop.  We did not have a choice but to leave that dinosaur back home.  It was old, it still had a floppy drive and it weighed a ton.  We had no choice.  But on Saturday she went and bought a new laptop.  We originally wanted to go to Seoul or Busan to buy the laptop to have English windows installed.  This wasn’t necessary as the friendly salesman at the Sony stand said that he can change the language without having to install a separate Windows.  Now if this is the case then I do not know what the fuss is about.  She bought a pink Sony Vaio with great specs and at a great price.  I had to buy a new AC adaptor for my Dell because the thing keeps on shorting out.  Only when I got home did I realise that the guy gave me the wrong cable.  So I Guess that I will have to go back this weekend to exchange it! I also spoiled myself a bit this weekend.  Seeing that Korean internet has no cap, I’ve been downloading quite a bit – thus exhausting all my disk space.  I bought a 1 terabyte external for a fraction of the price back home.  I also bought a new lens for my Cannon Eos.  The lens is a 55 to 250mm and it is amazing!  After our splurge we met up with friends at Banwoldang station and went to this taco place downtown.  It was great and the company was awesome.

On Sunday we slept in because what else do you do on a Sunday?! On our agenda for the day was to go for a dog walk in Dyuru Park with the doggy’s from the animal shelter.  So headed to daemyoung station at 2  and met up with the guys from KAPS (  They took us up to the shelter and we met the dogs.  I had a big white dog, with a badly infected eye.  Most people who know me well knows that I love dogs more that I like people!  And being able to spend a whole afternoon with them was great.  The dog I took out is the sweetest thing!  She is playful and loving and to be quite honest poops a hell of a lot.  But it was great.  I enjoyed the stroll in the park as it is the closest that I have gotten to nature in over a month!  Although for future reference I would advise heading to the park on a semi-sunny Sunday afternoon.  There were loads of people, loads of old drunken Korean people.  Never a good idea when you’re taking dogs fro a stroll.  I can just imagine how we looked.  An odd group of about 15 Waegook’s walking shelter dogs.  When we got back from the park we took the dogs back to the shelter and that was the worst.  These dogs have to live in a small little cage with no one to love them.  It just broke my heart.  I stayed for a bit to pet some of th other dogs but I just had to get out of there.  I so badly want to adopt one of them but I know that is unpractical.  I haven’t even fallen into a routine here, let alone adding another living being to this chaos which is my life.  But when yu see them in those little cages you just want to take one home.  KAPS (  has options for people to volunteer.  Please check out their facebook group to see what you can do!

After walking with the dogs and Nicola, Diane and I went for dinner/lunch at this little Indian place close to Sangin station.  It was good.

And then, disaster struck! Returning home on Sunday night I intended to do laundry and move my furniture in my apartment.  So I stuffed my laundry in the washer.  Something went wrong with pipe and the tap and all of a sunned there was water everywhere.  My kitchen  area was flooded.  And the water kept coming.  So in a mood of panic and utter irritation I phoned my co-teacher.  She told me that she did not have the real estate agent’s number and that I should run to their office up the street.  Did so just to find a closed office, quite obvious actually seeing that it was Sunday night 8 pm.  When I told my co-teacher this she told well there is nothing that I can do about it now and we should wait until the following day.  Are you friggin kidding me!  I kind of lost it at this point.  I mean seriously do they want me to sleep in a dump that’s leaking water.  I could drown!  Okay no I couldn’t but still, I was furious.  A while later the school sent someone to my apartment, probably due to my constant nagging.  The pipe and taps were fixed.  No after this little ordeal I was still in the mood to move my furniture around so that my space will be optimised.  The fist thing I moved was my closet.  Remember my closet?  The one I had t beg the school for even though it is in our contracts!  So I moved it away from the wall and guess what I discovered.  MOLD!  The friggin wall is covered in disgusting, black, fluffy,  spreading, disease infected MOLD!

That was the tip of the iceberg.  I mean seriously!  And I know that the mold is new because I only got my closet about two weeks ago and that shit wasn’t there before.  I mean that just sucks!  I was so negative.  My aura must have been blacker than the mold!  So I swore and cursed and swore some more.  I had with my crap place!  Things just keep on going wrong!  And we are here to teach them English not for them to screw us over with shit living conditions.  So Monday I charged to school ready to tear that place apart.  But I didn’t.  I took a step back, maybe a few breathes, and gave my co-teacher a box of chocolates from South Africa.  She has been really nice and always willing to help.  Although we sometimes get lost in translation we manage!  And besides the bomb that was going to be dropped was huge so I wanted to show my gratitude first.  So after the chocolates I waited a while and then said I HAVE A HUGE PROBLEM.  So I told her everything, from the water pipe bursting, the mold on the wall, the heating system that wakes me constantly and the fact that the problems with my apartment is taking over my life!  She felt so bad after I told everything that she almost started crying.  She was so concerned about me and especially about the mold.  I showed her a picture of the mould and she freaked out.  She did not want me to live their and I asked her if it was possible to get another apartment.  She said that she will speak o the school.  At the end of the day yesterday she said the admin officers were still discussing my situation but it sounds as if they are going to find me another place.  If they do I just hope and pray that it will be an improvement!  It will suck to go from bad to worse.  So hold thumbs that everything will work out.

All in all a good weekend, though!  Cheers from my dodgy, mouldy, Korean alley!


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