Another friday, another happy me!

26 Mar

Okay, just to get it out there, if I had to do one more class today or had to work on Saturdays I might just kill a child!  I mean seriously I can’t understand why they must be so friggin naughty and rude and arrogant and even pompous!  I look my kids in the eye, pointing my finger but still they continue chatting with their friends.  Or throwing stuff in class.  Or shouting or sleeping.  I mean I totally hate it when they are sleeping in class and I usually bang my hand next to their head on the table, but I must say I prefer the sleeping ones as opposed to the hyperactive ones!  What is the root of the problem.  Why do they behave so bad?  Why do they give a shit about anything or anyone.  I mean seriously Confucius culture my ass.  There is no respect, no nothing.  If Haksan middle school was a South African school, all these kids would end up in a place like Noupoort (for those of you who don’t know, Google it).  The thing is, apparently Korean kids cannot fail.  Pass and fail does not exist.  They do get graded but it’s only for performance purposes.  So if they aren’t going to fail and they do  not want to go to high school or uni, then why even bother!  There is no motivation.  Nothing.  And it is so sad, because these kids don’t even know how privileged they are.  Yes, I know they are poor (well, most of them at my school) and I know their parents work until the wee hours of the morning, but have they ever heard of a place called Africa.  There are so many kids in Africa that will give a kidney to have the opportunities they have.  To have the schools they have.  I mean there is internet in every class here!  What am I saying, there are friggin classrooms here, and cafeterias and and and!  Oh well that’s my two cents worth on the Korean education system.

So this past week has been dynamic Korea at its best!  Got to school on Monday and heard that the staff dinner will be after school.  My co-teacher informed me that I did not have to go if I didn’t want to.  At first I didn’t but that is my natural reaction.  If I am not prepared for a situation I usually say no!  I need time and to be informed of things in advance.  My mind needs time to process things!  I switched my mind in fast forward and processed it because I ended up going to the dinner!  I didn’t want to miss it!  So we went to one or other duck restaurant.  Now when one of my co-teachers said have you ever had “dog” I panicked!  I don’t wanna have no dog!  So we ended up making the sounds quack-quack and woof-woof to establish the exact species that will form our dinner!  It was quack-quack!  The duck was good and the company as well!  I had fun and really enjoyed it!  But boy oh boy the Koreans love their drinking!  The beer and Soju (vodka-like spirit) was the main attraction!  Once again jumping back to my badly behaved school, one of the co-teachers told me that before she came to Haksan (this is her fisrt year) she stopped drinking.  But now she has to drink something everyday because the kids drive her mad!  No joke, they will drive me to something stronger than alcohol.  Anyway so I had fun at the staff dinner but went home early.  Some of the other teachers went Noreabangin but I couldn’t go to work on Tuesday with a hangover.  My head will just busrt open, because shouting is a pivotal part of my day!  And a hangover will restrict me!  On Wendesday my englsih co-teachers and I went out for dinner and ended up at the same place where my co-teacher took me on our first night in Daegu!  It’s a buffet style restaurant and it was good!  I had nachos and potatoes and salad and cheese cake and chocolate cake!  And then yesterday I got paid!  Yipee!  What a great feeling.  And what makes it even greater is that I got paid over a million!   Thus being a millionaire now!  I’m thinking of early retirement!  Joke!  Even though I got paid over a million I’m no ritch bitch!  I’m all for the working middle class!

Anyhow that’s my week in a nutshell.  Super excited about this weekend, because I do not have to say “Keep quiet” for two full days.  Also heading into town again tonight, so who knows…

Cheers from my dodgy Korean Alley and thank god it’s friggin Friday!


One Response to “Another friday, another happy me!”

  1. Chris in South Korea March 29, 2010 at 12:12 #

    Sounds like you’ve had a fun time here so far… The hoarseness goes away after awhile – you learn to project the same way an actor does 🙂

    Chris in South Korea here – I just discovered your blog via KoreaBlogList and wanted to say hi from one K-blogger to another. I’ve added you to my Google Reader (the only way to keep up with several dozen K-blogs!) and linked to you on my blog ( If you have the time, I’d appreciate a linkback! I know you’re busy – next time you have some time, let me know 🙂 Take care for now — Chris

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