Lesson – Guess Who

24 Mar

Guess Who?

This is a lesson that I did with my 3rd grade middle school students. They really enjoyed it! I gave them a handout that with 15 different cartoons on depicting various occupations.

I explained to them that they must listen to a voice clip where I will describe the cartoons on the handout. I also gave each cartoon a name. Their task is to match the name with the right cartoon. They had to write the name of the cartoon and its occupation, eg. Dan the Doctor. I had to play the voice clip twice and most students got everything right!

After they completed the handout I gave them a puzzle containing all the words we had just done. For some other reason they are really excited about the puzzle. By the time everybody was done with the puzzle the period was over.

Here is the powerpoint i made for this lesson!
Guess Who

Here is the Video clip i showed them that described the cartoon characters”

Have fun!


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