43 829.0639 minutes

18 Mar

This afternoon at 5 (Korean time) it will be exactly one month since I first set foot on Korean soil. As I have mentioned again and again that I have been planning on coming to Korea for quite some time. I mean sorting all the admin out just to get here was a huge mission. But now that I here it sometimes still feels like a dream. In celebration of our one month Korean anniversary I deemed it good to mention all the great things about Korea that I have experienced thus far! That’s right no bitching today folks!

So Korea is in actual fact an amazing country. I don’t think it is even possible for me to compare South Africa with this place. For starters there is a public transport system here that works! I mean Daegu isn’t even the biggest city and it has a subway! For th purpose I needed it, the busses were easy to understand! Koreans are in general very concerned about your well being! Now in general most people think that Korean food is great, but unfortunately I will need more than 1 month to fully appreciate the wonder that is Korean cuisine. But in general the food seems healthier than the food back home! (That is if you can identify what you are eating). Another thing that I appreciate here is that after lunch all the teachers brush their teeth. Korean food s very pungent so brushing after every meal is a requirement.

Not that I want to sound like a raging alcoholic but the fact that I can go the convenience store at 2 am and buy a beer is great! This does not mean that I necessarily do it but it is nice to know that I have the option. I mean how many times haven’t we tried to find a shebeen at an ungodly hour. I knew before coming here that Korea is the most connected country in world, and the fact that I am connected to the internet 24/7 is great. And I do not have to worry about being capped if I watch too many youtube vids.

But I think the most important one is the fact that Koreans and I share a great love for singing. Although I sound horrible when I sing, I like to sing. In the shower, in my car, when I am alone in my flat. I LOVE SINGING!!! So now I can go to the norea bang every weekend if I want to! That’s just splendid! I also love the fact that the winter here is longer than the summer! I love winter!

I love the fact that technology plays such an important role in Korean schools. Making use of these technologies really makes our job easier.

Oh well it has only been a month and I am sure the next eleven months will be filled with great adventures.

Cheers from my dodgy Korean alley!


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  1. karliendupreez March 19, 2010 at 05:11 #

    Jou blog is awesome, keep it up!

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