A Norea Bang Weekend!!!

16 Mar

Another weekend bites the dust! Is this what the rest of my life will be like? A life longing for the weekend! Oh well! So this weekend was great, well sort of great, but for the most part it was great!

Once again as the clock hit 4.30pm on Friday we headed for downtown! We met up with the Epik 1 gang at exit 13 at Banwoldang station and headed towards bili-bow! Again! This time it only took us about 10 minutes as opposed to 2 hours! So after a few beers and rounds of darts we decided to loose our Norea Bang virginity! A norea bang is is like a karaoke bar but completely different. The Koreans love their karaoke’ing and these Norea Bangs are everywhere. The setup is quite strange and completely different from what I imagined! Everywhere there are these little cubicles or rooms. Once you enter the room area you have to take off your shoes and wear these little slipper flip flop thingy’s. As I have already established that Korean shoes will not fit my awesome feet I knew immediately that this will be interesting. So I forced my toes into the slipper but most of my foot did not fit on the slipper! So we entered our room (sounds all dodgy) and there is a gigantuous flat screen, with a disco ball and disco lights! It was awesome! Then in front are the two microphones. And the sound in that little room is great! It felt like we were at a rock show! And the great thing about Norea banging is that you only do it with a small group of your friends so you don’t feel like a total retard in front of the whole bar! So the friends I went with were great. We had such a great time singing all time classics such as the rose, hey jude and gangsters paradise. It was actually Tina’s rendition of Alanis Morisette that gave us all goose bumps. That girl can sing!!! And then Dan the man stepped in and has us all in awe with his version of some soul and R&B classics. Me on the other hand showed no resistance and made a complete fool of myself. But is was totally worth it. We had the booth for an hour but we stayed in there for something that felt like forever. In the end we just had to get out of there! And guess where we ended up again? Yap, Burger King! I know, I know but its right there and open for 24 ours! It would be a shame to pass by such a golden opportunity! We headed home with full tummies and hoarse voices!

On Saturday Nicola and I ventured downtown again but this time with a different mission! Since we arrived in Daegu, every single time we were downtown we had to rush to one place or the other. So Saturday we decided to take a leisurely stroll downtown. Nicola also had to find an English textbook for her school and we knew of an English bookstore near Banwoldang station. So we walked around and for the first time really took it all in. It is amazing! An explosion of light, flavours, people and chaos! No matter which ay you turn there is something interesting. One such a thing is matching underwear. I saw male and female matching underwear and they advertise it on the window as “Wedding Day”. Hilarious, right? I mean can you imagine wearing matching underwear! Nicola bombarded my Facebook wall on Friday with interesting restaurants in Daegu. So as we strolled along we stumbled upon one of the places that she posted on my wall. Gorilla Burger. So, as if it was fate, we had to go in. It is a cosy little place with a full ENGLISH menu. We each ordered a burger and decided to share a plate of chilli fries. It was friggin great! Really if you want to have a good burger in Daegu – go to GORILLA Burger! The whole day Nicola complained of a slight pain and discomfort in her back so we decided to head home! All in all another great weekend!

Cheers from my dodgy Korean Ally!


One Response to “A Norea Bang Weekend!!!”

  1. Tina March 16, 2010 at 21:56 #

    Thanks for the love! It was fun to be there with you for the first noraebang.

    If you are scoping out restaurants, there is a crazy place down there called Okonomiyaki. It’s like a Japanese pizza, and they are named after the specialty. It’s the only restaurant I’ve been to twice, and I’ll go there many times more. It’s completely amazing. And it dances!

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