I’m an Alien, I’m a legal Alien!

11 Mar

So, amidst all the excitement and fuss about the snow yesterday I receveived my ARC (Alien registration card). Every foreigner who is working in Korea needs one. So now I am officially a legal alien! It’s so funny, its like District 9. I was actually quite amazed that by the efficiency of immigration services. I mean I got my Korean Visa on the same day that I applied. The Arc was supposed to take two weeks and I got it in one. It really is amazing. In South Africa I had to wait over 2 months for my police clearance! Another good thing that happened yesterday was the internet! I now have internet in my Room. I expected the internet company after work and just hanged around. The internet company arrived and as I opened the door the guy goes like “it’s the cable guy”. I just thought it was funny and sort of laughed in his face. My internet was installed pretty fast and once again I am connected on the interweb!

Diane and I went to grab a bite last night at Paris Baguette and it was great. I had the awesomest sandwich little pastry thing and a pumpkin and sesame seed doughnut with red bean stuff inside. It was great! Nicola was at a dinner with her faculty!

Today I have a runny nose and just feel a little under the weather. It’s probably the snow! Oi! Oh well back to teaching!

Cheers from my dodge Korean alley!


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