SnOw DaY!

10 Mar

So last night I was hanging out of my kitchen window (as I usually do for a bit of fresh air) and I noticed that every third or so raindrop is a small chunk of ice. Being South African obviously I freaked out because to me those few chunks of ice were snow. So I immediately phoned Nicola and freaked out that it was snowing. So she ran to her kitchen window but unfortunately could not see the “snow”. She said it was only rain! So I stuck my head back into the kitchen and went about my business. When I needed more “fresh air” later on it was definitely snowing. As in real white little pieces of ice falling from the sky. So I phoned Nicola again and only then did she believe me! I texted my mom that it was snowing. She phoned me and couldn’t believe how cold it was. It is seriously freezing here. So we chatted for a while and for the next hour I regularly popped my head out the window and just take it in. I fell asleep, eventually. So this morning my alarm went off at 6:45 and like a kid on the morning of Christmas I jumped out of bed to pop my head out the window. I witnessed a winter wonderland! Everything was covered in a white fluffy blanket. Suddenly my dodgy Korean alley became pretty. I stood there for about 10 minutes and then once again phoned Nicola! It was awesome! This behaviour might seem obscure to most people but please take note that us folks from the “South” don’t get snow!
So I got ready for work and put on as much clothes as I could. I mean I wore two pairs of socks, a vest, shirt, sweater, coat, gloves and a scarf! It was awesome. Walking to work was a whole other story. I almost killed myself 5 times today. The melted snow formed an icky form of mud ice that is very slippery. Slippery when frozen! So my 10 minute stroll to school took me about 20 minutes. But it was so worth it! I mean seriously! I can’t wait for this day to end so that I can go and play in the snow!!! Yay!

Oh and once i got to school almost no teachers had arrived. its because of the snow! So then in waltzes my principal and speaks to me in Korean. So my co teacher translates. This is what he said.
– Do you get snow in South Africa?
– Korea is no.1 because we get 4 seasons.
– Korea the Best!

I had to bite my lip! Seriously! Everybody at school freaked out because snow in march is very unusual and Daegu is supposed to be the hottest city in Korea. Oh well, the snow is pretty and for now it makes me happy!

Cheers, from my dodgy “white” Korean alley!

P.S I will post pictures as soon as I get internet in my apt.


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