5 Mar

As Friday is upon us and my last working day of the week is drawing to a close me and the rest of the world can agree in unison that TGIF!!!! Although not as tough as I thought it would be this week exhausted me. The rollercoaster ride that is Korea with all the ups and downs surely keeps things interesting. Although I am not in a routine yet my whole being is getting accustomed to the whole teaching thing. This semester I have two grades, the grade 1’ and the gr.3’s middle school. In South African that is Gr.7 and Gr.9. And yes the “weird adolescent don’t know what you are phase” is very present among these students. They gr.1’s are so kind and sweet, but this can mainly be ascribed to the fact that they have not yet been corrupted by the other middle school students as this was their first week in middle school. The gr.3’s are hell to teach and they come with only one personality trait and that is attitude. But no worries, I am certain that I will settle into a nice routine with the whole teaching thing. I mean hit me with a fish over the head, who’d have guess that I of all people would be teaching. The younger generation is not exactly my forte if you know what I mean. Then again living outside of my comfort zone is what I do best, so teaching seems like a good idea. Too late anyhow to complain, I am teaching and will be for the next year. Suck it up!

Apart from the many a bitch session I had over my apartment, I really am fond of Korea. There is never a dull moment. I mean on Friday night in my apartment when I was hanging out of my kitchen window having a smoke cursing the whole world because I had to live in a room for the next year I was suddenly confronted by Jesus. That’s right my apartment is right next to a church, the typical Korean church with the red neon light cross at the top of the building, and on the side of the building is a life size painting of Jesus. Needless to say I immediately stopped cursing. But that’s Korea; it confuses you, and at the same time amazes you. It truly is wonderful here!

Nicola and I went out with two friends last night. We grabbed some dinner and then headed out to Sangin for a beer. It really was nice and the bar, Wabar, is a western style bar and has an icebar as well. We talked about all sorts of things, but mainly about how each of our teaching experiences differed and off course the living conditions. Then the conversation shifted to American politics and culture. Always a saucy topic to loose yourself in!

All in all my first week in Daegu went very well. I have a roof over my head and that’s all that matters! I kind of figured out my area and will be able to stray about 4 blocks from my apartment without getting lost. That says a lot as I am directionally challenged! I have also managed to figure out how to upload airtime on my prepaid phone, how to use the busses and the subway. Wonder what next week will bring…

Cheers for now from my dodgy Korean alley!


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