Alien Services…

4 Mar

So don’t get me wrong I am all for the whole cultural experience, and Korea is great but oh my I had this undeniable desire for McDonalds yesterday. Now unlike the west there aren’t so many Burger Kings and McD’s and KFC’s as one would expect. In fact Daegu has a limited selection and a very limited distribution of western style fast food restaurants. I asked my co-teacher where the closest McD’s was and she pointed me in the direction of E-Mart. Due to our complete lack of knowledge Nicola and I took a taxi to E-Mart. Those two golden arches warmed my heart. I could feel the joy pumping through my veins. That’s ironic I know, but what the heck – it was soooo good! I had a Big Mac off course! Then we had to take a taxi home, which proved more to be more of a challenge. My co-teacher scribbled my address with a semi-map on a piece paper and that is our only key to get home! It always takes the taxi drivers a long time to decipher the map but in the end we get there! Well most of the time! Luckily the taxi driver had some sort of comprehension for the English language, and that also causes my heart to be filled with joy. English is a rarity over here so everything English I can just suck up!!!

I am sort of settling in to my apartment. Although I am still not completely happy with the place, I guess I have no choice! I will very soon post pics and a video of my place, neighborhood and school. But my feet are still missing and I will only do so once I have found my feet!

So this morning I had to meet up with my Co-teacher at Sangin station. Sangin station is the subway station that is closest to my apartment (which I will refer to from here on out as my Room – cause that’s what it is). I had to take a bus to get to Sangin station, the bus ride takes about 6 minutes so it is not far but boy was it crowded. Never in my entire life have I been so squashed. It was crazy! I arrived at Sangin station about 20 minutes early. When my co-teacher arrived on time she was shocked that I have always been early to everything. This is a good thing because for the fist time in my life I am early. Although I cant take it to be late, I always am! That’s just the way it is! So we got on the subway and obviously there is nowhere to sit so the 30 minute journey had me standing! We arrived at the Korean Immigration service and applied for my ARC (Alien registration card). Every foreigner living and working in Korea needs one. I also changed the status of my visa from single to multiple entries so that I can leave Korea during my holidays! So now I am \64 000 poorer (between R400 and R500). That sucks. So I have somehow managed to use up all the \on that I have exchanged at the airport in less than two weeks. The immigration services took my passport and will only send it back to me with my ARC so my co-teacher had to exchange my dollars into \on. We headed to the nearest bank and in a matter of minutes my money was exchanged. That’s great. South Africa can take some pointers here! After that we returned to school at about 11am!


One Response to “Alien Services…”

  1. Amanda March 4, 2010 at 10:04 #

    haha I broke down today and got Burger King. I’m almost ashamed to admit it. I feel so guilty that I could only make it 2 weeks without fast food/comfort food!

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