Life of a rockstar

2 Mar

So today was my fisrt day at Haksan middle school in Daegu. I was pretty bored for most of the dae, but unlike most teachers i had to teach right on the first day! I had to introduce myself to all the teachers this morning ands everybody just laughed. Every time I sit foor outside the teachers lounge I get greeted by “hi” “how are you” and although that is about the full extent of the kids’ english, it makes me feel good. Everybody want a piece of me. I am the new celebrity in school. And although it wont take them loing to get use to me I do enjoy being the most popular kid in school!

The weirdest thing about my entire day is that after school the kids have to clean the whole school. They take out the trash. sweep and mop the floors! it is amazing!

I wil give an update on the the daily functioning of school here as soon as i figure that out myself!


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