My first week!!!

25 Feb

So, my first week in Korea is officially over! It went better thatn anticipated. Although, I tryly think the real first week still lies ahead. The EPIK orientation in Seongnam was really great and I had an awesome time! But the safe cultural bubble has to pop some time, right? Tomorrow we are leaving for Daegu and everything will new and strange once again. A new apartment, new area, new people new everything. And then most importantly the new job! Oh my goodness, such a daunting prospect. Although I must mention that I feel much more prepared for the new job now than a week before. The training really was great and gave my confidence a little push. Not only were the lectures informative, but it also served as a gradual introduction to Korea. The EPIK teachers I met here are all truly great and our Daegu group is really awesome, so I am looking forward to experiencing Daegu with them.

At the orientation we did a bunch of great things! We went to the traditional Korean folk village which was like taking a trip back in time. It was really pretty and gave me a true taste of the Orient, unlike the rest Korea I have seen so far (not much). After we visited the Folk village we had a traditional Korean lunch of Bulgogi, which is really delicious! And on that note I am truly mastering the art of eating everything with chopsticks! Then we went to a Ceramics expo in Icheon, which was a bit boring but at least we got to paint our own ceramics. We finished the day off with a fantastic dinner!
The rest of the week was filled with lectures and Korean classes! We went out one night for a friend’s birthday and I was introduced to Soju….. Good or bad – it is too soon to tell, but luckily the year is looong! All in all one great week, and I am looking forward to the next step in my Korean adventure!

Oh and during this week we manage to open two bank accounts and get a prepaid cellphone. I am really impressed!!! Well not with the cellphone because they are completely different from back home and it doesn’t take much to confuse me anyhow!
Well Daegu here I come!!!

Annyeonghi gyeseyo


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