Going to Korea

25 Nov

So this is it, the first blog entry on what will soon reveal some of the greatest adventures of my life. My decision to become an English teacher in Korea is one that I based on several factors. First of all study debt!!! Secondly, but more importantly it is a great adventure and an opportunity that I want to grasp with both hands. I have always been a traveler and my sense of adventure lead me to Korea! Luckily this is an endeavor I will share with my girlfriend, Nicola, as we are going together. The prospect of becoming an English teacher in the far east is something that we both talked about for quite a bit, and finally we decided on Korea as it provides the best package for fresh graduates!

In preparing for our move to Korea we contacted a South African agent who has been absolutely amazing in preparing us for this adventure. The application process went smoothly and both Nicola and I got offered posts from EPIK (English Program In Korea). We are currently waiting in anticipation for our contracts which should arrive within the next two weeks and then its the Visa! If goes well we will be on our way to Korea in February.


One Response to “Going to Korea”

  1. Brea March 4, 2010 at 11:19 #

    This is so exciting! what a great new chapter in your life! I am in Asia now too! ha crazy world we live in. Well, miss you Christo, always thinking about you and the great time I had in South Africa. Hope that Korea treats you well and thank you for writing about it so I can follow along. I also have a blog if you want to check it out http://whereisbrea.blogspot.com/ 🙂

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